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Food Odyssey


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English Title :  
Food Odyssey
Korean Title :  
요리인류 1,2
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Writer :  
Director :  
Lee Wook-jung, Kim Seung-wook
Cast :  
Production Year :  
2015 ~ 2016
Duration :  
50min * 14eps



Food Odyssey is a new style of documentary about “Food”, a mutual interest of 6 billion world citizens. From the Sahara to the North Pole, the program travels all over the world to reveal the unlimited human creativity and the secret of civilization contained in food. Directed by Lee Wook-jung, a chef from Le Cordon Bleu and the winner of Peabody Awards for the film Noodle Road, Food Odyssey will meet your intellectual needs and also satisfy your five senses at the same time. Finding amazing world of cooking, let’s start adventures to the living cultural sites of human food!

Episode 1 Bread and Circus
The hidden stories about ‘Bread’, which has fed human race for a long time. Why has bread become the main staple for us among others? How great was the invention of leavened bread in human history? From a political tool to an art form, bread itself has a long history. Let’s look see what bread has been to human beings.

Episode 2 Spice, the Scent from Paradise
Spices stimulate our tip of the tongue with their captivating scents and colors. For the ancient Greeks, spices were the materials to reach their Gods. For the medieval Europeans, they were the most priceless property to bring about wars. Why do people keep chasing for spices? The old history and secrets contained in spices such as Saffron, black pepper are now about to unfold.

Episode 3 Meat, the Gift of Life
Meat is an ideal food that has long been the object of human’s desire. When did the stock raising begin? Why the only 28 species becomes domesticated among lots of animals? Seeing the lives of the Komi, a tribe in a frozen land, the film tries to trace the origin of meat eating. Further, the film introduces what the dinner of the English aristocrat was like as well as the history of slaughtering.