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Golden Cross


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English Title :  
Golden Cross
Korean Title :  
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Yu Hyun-mi
Director :  
Hong Seok-gu
Cast :  
Kim kang-woo, Uhm Ki-jun, Lee Si-young, Han Eun-jung
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min * 20eps



Unveiling the greed of the top .001% of Korea.

The series focuses on the secret club called ‘Golden Cross’ whose members are big movers of the Korean economy, and a man who’s wrongfully framed by the club and seeking revenge.

<Golden Cross> is a story of a man who loses his family by the scheme of tycoons of the Korean economy. It is also a story of the man struggling between his conscience and greed, who swore his loyalty to people who destroyed his family, to take his revenge on them.

Kang Do-yun (Played by Kim Gang-woo) _ Assistant Korean Attorney / Lawyer
Do-yun’s life motto is “Not to live like my father.” While his father always prefers to be on the disadvantageous side, Do-yun cannot stand any kind of loss or disadvantages. Do-yun cannot understand his father when he says “losing is actually earning.” Without money or fair background, Do-yun passes the bar examination after many tries, and finally becomes a prosecutor he really wanted to become.

Do-yun thinks his world finally opened, now with the great job and newly-earned status. But one day he gets a phone call and learns that his father has murdered his only sister.

Do-yun has worked hard to become a prosecutor, but is under enormous distress when he faces his sister’s death, and plans revenge. Although he is absorbed in his revenge, he sometimes becomes weak when he sees great opportunity.

Seo Ire (Played by Lee Si-young) _ Prosecutor
Ire’s life motto is “To live like my father.” Her grandfather was a two-time minister of economy, and his father is a strong nominee for the next minister of economy. Her father and grandfather are famed for their righteous lives and career who have never been involved in any kind of incidents or affairs.

She is a just prosecutor who hates her extravagant mother. To Ire, her mother is living only as a female, inadequate to be a mother or a wife. Ire greatly respects and loves her father, who silently suffers from his pleasure-seeking wife. However, Ire learns that the real murderer of the case she has been recently assigned is his father.





姜道允 (金康宇 饰) _ 见习检查官/律师

不能像父亲那样活着,这是他的人生座右铭。与活着绝对不能吃亏的他不同,他的父亲活着却常常吃亏。根本不能理解父亲的“吃亏的买卖就是人生所得”这种狗屎一样的人生哲理。既没有钱, 又没有背景的家伙为了出息好几次挑战人生···最后终于成了企盼已久的检察官···



徐怡莱 (李诗英 饰) _ 检察官


心中怀有厌恶母亲的奢侈和放荡的感情,是个有正义感的坚强的检查官。一生过得既不像是母亲又不像妻子,而更像是个“母的”··· 父亲毫无怨言地忍受着每天只顾奢侈和享乐的母亲,她尊敬这样的父亲。靠在读书的父亲的背上是她最幸福的瞬间,她自己负责的这个杀人事件的真凶是···她自己的父亲···当她知道了这个真相后···




ガン・ドユン(キム・ガンウ) _ 検事試補/弁護士

ソ・イレ (イ・シヨン) _ 検事