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Super fish


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Super fish
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60min * 5eps



This is about great history of fish and humans which span over 100,000 years. In the nature of the earth, the two species named ‘fish and humans have lived in both symbiosis and struggles with each other. By addressing ‘fish’ which has left an inerasable trace on human race, this program looks back on the history of human life and civilization.

▷ Episode 1 – Fish Planet
: Even at this moment, many people make a living by fishing in the tropical sea, barren desert, and frozen river. From “Mattanza” or the Mediterranean Sea which has continued for 3,000 years, through central Africa’s harpoon hunting, to cormorant fishing which uses the instincts of heterogenetic animals, we will give you dynamic and vibrant images of these various fishing methods.

▷ Episode 2 – The Great Taste of Fish
: There is hardly anything that rots more quickly than fish. Since the ancient times, fish has provided marvelous flavor to humans in various forms, such as raw, salted, dried, smoked, and fermented. We will look at human’s desire to consume fish for longer and the great history of fish this desire has created.

▷ Episode 3 – Mystery of Rotten Fish
: The modern-day sushi orginated from the upper stream area of the Mekong River, where people used to over-ferment or ‘rot’ the fish. Sushi has become a worldwide fast-food and its developing history is somewhat similar to the spread of East Asia’s rice farming. We will solve the mystery surrounding East Asia’s rice and fish culture.

▷ Episode 4 – Fish on Friday
: The Catholic tradition of fasting which began in the 7th century brought about an innovative change in the Western culture. For more than 6 months a year, including Lent and Fridays, people were forbidden from consuming, while fish was an exception. We trace the fish farming techniques and the explosion of demand for fish in the monasteries in the Middle-Ages and address the spread of the fish-eating culture as well as the discovery of the New Continent led by developments in fishing and navigation techniques.

▷ Episode 5 – Super Fish Diary
: We will use a variety of techniques such as high-speed shooting, HD underwater high speed shooting, time-slice and wire-cam. Furthermore, our coverage will also include rivers, seas, desert and rapids from all around the world, making sure to provide an extraordinary experience of entertainment and inspiration.