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The Accidental Couple


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English Title :  
The Accidental Couple
Korean Title :  
그저 바라 보다가
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Drama, Romance, Comedy
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Eng, Jpn
Writer :  
Jung Jin-yeong, Kim Eui-chan
Director :  
Ki Min-su
Cast :  
Whang Jeong-min, Kim Ah-jung, Ju Sang-ok, Lee Cheong-ah, Lee Su-yeong
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70 min * 16eps



There are a man and a woman who don’t seem to match each other, and here their romantic love begins. <BR><BR>

Having monotonously repetitive daily life without any close friends or a girlfriend, Gu Dong-baek(Hwang Jeong-min) is an ordinary man working at a post office. He feels sad about that tomorrow will be the same as today.<BR><BR>

A woman who cannot be with a man she loves because of his father’s ambition, Han Ji-su(Kim Ah-jung) has an angelic smile and is one of the top actresses in Korea. <BR><BR>

Their relationship begins on Dong-baek’s 33rd birthday when Ji-su attends a film festival. On his way home after watching the film festival, Dong-baek witnesses a car accident caused by Gang-mo and Ji-su. Gang-mo was driving a car hastily to elude reporters who have been prying into their secret affair. As Gang-mo has a fiancee, he leaves the scene to cover their relationship, and Ji-su, not having a driver’s license, asks Dong-baek to pretend that he drove the car.<BR><BR>

However, the relationship between them didn't end yet. Gang-mo and Ji-su plan to spread a rumor of her romance with someone else in order to keep a scandal with Gang-mo from exposing. Through Dong-baek’s help, she holds a press conference and falsely announces that they are a couple, and finally, they get married for six months.<BR><BR>

The married life with Ji-su is only a play, but Dong-baek is just happy. Although he’s an ordinary man, he wants to have the courage to love her. He tells himself, “I’m the one who can make myself to be special. I’m special. I’ll begin my special love.” At the moment of signing on the divorce paper after the promised six months, Dong-baek confidently asks Ji-su, “Can I love you now?” Ji-su cannot say no since they have shared so many things together for the last six months.<BR><BR>

Gang-mo had to marry a daughter of a conglomerate family because of his father’s political ambition, but he couldn't let Ji-su go and promised her that he would come back to her after his father’s success. One day he finds himself becoming just like his father. Running off, abandoning her while being chased by reporters proves his ambition. Although he himself suggested Dong-baek and Ji-su’s false marriage for her acting career, the ordinary postman makes him feel uneasy.



平凡的邮局职员邱冬柏(黄正民 饰),没有知交也没有女友,一个人每天反复着同样的生活。

韩国出色的女演员韩智秀(金雅中 饰),拥有天使般的美丽笑容,然而自己喜欢的男人却因父亲的野心使她只能选择远远地观望。




和智秀的婚姻虽然只是演戏作秀,但是对冬柏来说已经心满意足了。虽然在外人看来冬柏很不起眼,但是这样的他还是鼓起勇气想去对她告白真爱。心想“既然我可以让我自己与众不同,就说明我很特别,因此我也完全可以让自己拥有一场与众不同的爱情 ”于是在约定6个月的假婚姻生活结束之后,在离婚材料上盖章之时,冬柏坦荡荡地问智秀“现在开始我可以正真地爱你吗?”在那一瞬间,脑海里充斥的只是6个月来,两人之间积累的美好回忆的智秀当然说不出半个不字。




親しい友達も、 恋人もいないまま繰り返される日常、





しかし二人の縁はそれで終わりではなかった。ガンモとのスキャンダルの記事をふさぐために熱愛説を打ち明けようとしてその相手を探す途中、またもやドンべクの助けを借りて恋人同士であると偽りの記者会見をするようになる。とうとう 6ヶ月間、偽装結婚生活をするようになるが。。。

ジスとの結婚生活は完璧な演劇であってショ-だったけれどもドンべクは幸せだった。何の値打ちもない男だが勇気を出して彼女を愛したい。それで考えが変わった。‘ 私を特別にさせるのは私自身だ。私は特別だ。それで私は特別な愛を始める。’6ヶ月間のきまっていた時が経ってドンべクは離婚書類にはんこを押しながらジスに堂々と言った。“これから愛してもよろしいですか?” そしてその瞬間、6ヶ月間の思い出が胸に積もっていたジスも“いや”と答えることができないのである。