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English Title :  
Korean Title :  
수지맞은 우리
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Nam Sun-Hye
Director :  
Park Ki-Hyun
Cast :  
Hahm Eun-Jung, Baek Sung-Hyun, Oh Hyun-Kyung, Kang Byul, Shin Jung-Yoon
Production Year :  
Duration :  
30min * 120eps



On the morning of the day Suji turned six, her mother disappeared. A few days later, her father got married again. Suji got a stepmother, stepsister, and stepbrother overnight, so she tries to become a perfect daughter because she is scared her father will abandon her as well. Over time, Suji becomes a famous psychiatrist who appears on all kinds of shows. One day, an unexpected accident occurs, and vicious rumors make Suji fall from grace in an instant, making her live in a small room next to the gate of a house to avoid people. That is where she meets Dr. Uri who knows nothing but his patients.
Suji thought Uri and she would not mix at all, but while living together, they grow deeply fond of each other and eventually fall in love. Unfortunately, it turns out Uri’s adoptive mother Seonyeong is Suji’s biological mother who abandoned her. Will Suji and Uri solve all the problems and live happily ever after?

Jin Suji(Cast. Hahm Eunjung)
Suji is the most famous psychiatrist in Korea and also the broadcaster everyone wants on their show. After her mother left, she lived a life obsessed with perfection. One day, Uri shows up and picks a quarrel saying she should not forget her duty as a doctor. She thought they got on the wrong foot with Uri, but she starts to like him. However, she finds out his adoptive mother is her biological mother.

Chae Uri(Cast. Baek Sunghyun)
Uri, who was brought up with love from his adoptive mother Seonyeong, becomes a psychiatrist. He cannot understand Suji who is obsessed with public interest, so they always quarrel about everything. However, he eventually opens up to her. Their happy days does not last very long, though. Because the relationship between Uri and Seonyeong becomes a problem. The secret of Uri’s birth is revealed, and he is thrown into confusion.

Jin Nayeong(Cast. Kang Byul)
Nayeong is Suji’s younger half-sister. She dreamed of becoming an anchor but always failed to seize the chance. This made her jealous and feel a sense of inferiority when she saw Suji who became a successful broadcaster. Nayeong feels like Suji took away her dream, so when she hears Suji will get engaged to Hyeonseong, the son of the chairman of the Haedeul Foundation, she approaches him.

Han Hyeonseong(Cast. Shin Jungyoon
Hyeonseong is an attractively tall man from a wealthy family. He used to date Suji over ten years ago when they were in university, but he had to part with her because he was forced to study abroad. He comes to Suji again when he is back, but there is a rookie doctor beside her, and Suji’s younger sister Nayeong also approaches him and tempts him.



陈秀(Cast. 咸恩静)

蔡友理(Cast. 白成铉)

陈奈映(Cast. 姜星)

韩弦成(Cast. 申正允)


この人とは性格が合わないと思ったものの、同居生活を続けるうちに、スジとウリはお互いになくてはならない存在になり、ついに恋に落ちる。ところが、ウリの養母であるソニョンは、なんとスジを捨てた実の母親だった⁈ 果たして、スジとウリは全ての問題を解決し、愛を叶えることができるだろうか?

チン・スジ(Cast. ハム・ウンジョン)

チェ・ウリ(Cast. ペク・ソンヒョン)

チン・ナヨン(Cast. カン・ビョル)

ハン・ヒョンソン(Cast. シン・ジョンユン)