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Beauty and Mr. Romantic

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English Title :  
Beauty and Mr. Romantic
Korean Title :  
미녀와 순정남
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Kim Sa-Kyung
Director :  
Hong Seok-Ku
Cast :  
Lim Soo-Hyang, Ji Hyun-Woo, Cha Hwa-Yeon, Park Sang-Won, Lee Il-Hwa
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min * 50eps



After her father died in a hit-and-run accident long ago, Do-ra’s family moved into a small room at Dae-chung’s place as they were in a diffi cult situation. When they were young, Dae-chung was Do-ra’s first love, but after an unexpected accident, they parted ways and Do-ra became the breadwinner of her family as a successful top star. One day, Do-ra meets an assistant director named Go Pil-seung on set but soon learns that he is actually Dae-chung. As soon as Dora dreams of a happy future, she, who provides for the whole family from childhood, loses everything and hits rock bottom overnight due to her mother’s gambling debt and malicious comments on social media. However, the pure love from Pil-seung, Mr. Romantic, begins to lift her up again.

Park Do-Ra(Cast. Im Soo-hyang)
After her mother forced her to become an actress, she managed to become a top star through her efforts. She wanted to live with wealth and fame, but she has a chance encounter with her first love, Go Pil-seung, on set. She confirms the true feelings of Pil-seung, who once pushed her away, but she chooses to marry into a rich chaebol family for her own family’s sake and reluctantly parts ways with him. To make matters worse, she begins to receive malicious comments on social media.

Go Pil-Seung/Go Dae-chung(Cast. Ji Hyun-woo)
He’s working as an assistant director with dreams of becoming an executive director. On set, he meets Do ra from his childhood, but because he’s changed his name and much time has passed, she doesn’t recognize him. At first, he denies his feelings for Do-ra, who has become a top star, but in the end, he falls in love with her.

Baek Mi-Ja(Cast. Cha Hwa-yeon)
She’s Do-ra’s mother and the CEO of Do-ra Entertainment. Being chased by creditors, she’s moved with her family too many times to count, and she even once tried to run away on her own while her children were sleeping. However, thanks to Do-ra, her life completely changes for the better. But, Do-ra’s precious success comes to fall due to Mi-ja’s gambling and greed.

Gong Jin-Dan(Cast. Go Yoon)
The CEO of Angel Investments. After a chance encounter with Do-ra, he falls in love with her at first sight and invests in the drama she’s starring in to win her heart, but it’s not as easy as he thinks. After paying off Baek Mi-ja’s gambling debts, he pro poses to Do-ra and begins to become increasingly obsessed with her.


过去,父亲因为肇事逃逸事故去世之后, 家境困难的导萝一家搬到了大忠家的门房。年幼的导萝喜欢上大忠,但是意想不到的事故使导萝和大忠离别。许多年后,实际上成为一家之主的导萝成为顶级明星, 便大获成功。某一天,导萝在拍摄现场遇到名叫必胜的副导演,接着便得知他就是大忠。幸福的瞬间总是很短暂。导萝从小做童星挣钱养家,但她却由于母亲的赌债和SNS上的恶意留言,一夜之间跌入谷底。不过,必胜这个纯情男的爱让她重新振作起来。

朴导萝(Cast. 林秀香)

高必胜/高大忠)(Cast. 池贤宇)

白美子(Cast. 车和娟)

孔真旦(Cast. 高允)



パク・ドラ(Cast. イム・スヒャン)
母の強要により芸能界デビューしたが、努力を重ねトップ女優にまで上りつめる。富と名声を手に入れ、華々しい人生を送り始めた矢先、撮影現場で偶然、初恋の相手ピルスンと再会する。 ピルスンが自分を避け続ける理由を知るが、家族のために財閥との結婚を選び、ピルスンを諦める。そんな状況に追い打ちをかけるように、SNSの悪質な書き込みが彼女を苦しめる。

コ・ピルスン/コ・デチュン(Cast. チ・ヒョヌ)
監督として成功することを夢見るドラマAD。 撮影現場で幼い頃に縁のあったドラと再会するが、久しぶりの再会で改名もしていたせいか、ドラはピルスンに気がつかなかった。トップ俳優になったドラへの思いを一度は諦めるが、結局彼女と恋に落ちてしまう。

ペク・ミジャ(Cast. チャ・ファヨン)

コン・ジンダン(Cast. コ・ユン)