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The Two Sisters


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English Title :  
The Two Sisters
Korean Title :  
피도 눈물도 없이
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Kim Kyung-Hee
Director :  
Kim Shin-Il, Choi Jung-Eun
Cast :  
Lee So-Yeon, Ha Yeon-Joo, Oh Chang-Suk, Jang Se-Hyun
Production Year :  
Duration :  
40 min * 100 eps



A tragedy of two sisters who parted because of their parents’ divorce and then meet again as in-laws, leading to a catastrophe.
With her beautiful looks, manners, and solid career, Hye-won seems as if she was born with everything, but behind her perfection were all painful memories and desperate efforts. Engaged with a pure lover Ji-chang, all Hye-won could expect were prosperous future. However, expectations are flipped when she hears her father-in-law is having an affair, and his brazen mistress, Do-eun, turns out to be Hye-ji - her younger sister whom she lost when she was young.
The younger sister she unexpectedly encounters again is not the one she had been missing all her life. Do-eun framed Hye-won's mother-in-law which eventually leads to her death and Do-eun gets what she desires. She then becomes more and more vicious to cover up her evil deeds. After losing all her beloved ones - mother-in-law Soo-hyang, husband Ji-chang, and her daughter - by Do-eun, Hye-won, with her truthful supporter Sung-yoon, tries to reveal the truth.

Lee Hye-won(Cast. Lee So-youn)
A girl with perfect looks, wit, and manners which make everyone jealous. Though everything seems natural to Hye-won, everything results from unremitting efforts. After struggling through tough times, Hye-won has her marriage with Ji-chang, the man she loves, ahead of her. However, misfortune strikes. Her father-in-law is having an affair. To make matters worse, his brazen mistress is Hye-ji, her long-lost younger sister. After losing everything she had to Do-eun, Hye-won struggles to reveal the truth.

Bae Do-eun/Lee Hye-ji(Cast. Ha Yeon-joo)
Leaving her dismal past behind, Do-eun became an epitome of desire who stops at nothing to make her future days glamorous. The single choice she made in life when she was young led her to hell. Under a gambling-addicted mother and violent stepfather, her childhood was a constant series of misfortunes. Those days made her blame and curse her older sister Hye-won, inducing her to make that choice. After she finds out that the man she set herself up with to reach higher is Hye-won's father-in-law, she becomes even more daring in her sinister misdeeds.

Baek Sung-yoon(Cast. Oh Chang-seok)
A man with a shabby look, but with an actual talent and manner. Sung-woon is a rebel from a prestigious family in the legal profession. He left one of the biggest law firms and opened a humble law office to defend people in need. But then Hye-won, an old love he had forgotten about, appears in his life again. He is ready to do everything to make Hye-won smile.

Yoon Ji-chang(Cast. Jang Se-hyun)
A well-rounded man, with perfection in academics, sports, music, and even social skills, always having a pleasant smile on his face. Ji-chang fell in love with Hye-won when he was a middle schooler, ever since then he has only loved her and marry her. Despite his family’s disapproval, he marries Hye-won, but raging misfortunes from his father’s affair that leads to his parents’ divorce and his mother’s death start to sway him.



李惠媛(Cast. 李素硏)
惠媛有着人人羡慕的完美外貌、良好的修养和品性…… 一切都只不过是不断努力的结果而已,没有一个是天赋的。历经坎坷后,即将与相爱的智昌结婚的惠媛,竟然遭遇不幸。公公出了轨,雪上加霜那厚颜无耻的外遇对象竟然是幼年和自己分开的妹妹惠知。被道恩夺走一切后,她开始为揭开真相孤军奋战。

道恩对黑暗的过去置之不理, 仅为了华丽美好的未来不择手段,简直是个欲望的化身。仅仅因为小时候的一次抉择,地狱之门向她打开。赌徒母亲和暴力继父一直让她活在不幸之中,因此她日益怨恨并诅咒强求那个抉择的姐姐惠媛。得知自己为走出不幸找到的男人竟然是惠媛的公公后,她的恶行开始变本加厉。





イ・ヘウォン(Cast. イ・ソヨン)

ぺ・ドウン/イ・ヘジ(Cas.t ハ・ヨンジュ)

ペク・ソンユン(Cast. オ・チャンソク)

ユン・ジチャン(Cast. チャン・セヒョン)