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Love Song for Illusion


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English Title :  
Love Song for Illusion
Korean Title :  
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Yoon Kyung-Ah
Director :  
Lee Jung-Sub
Cast :  
Park Ji-Hoon, Hong Ye-Ji, Hwang Hee, Ji-woo
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min * 16 eps



Imagine an assassin who tried to kill the king fainted and lost her memory and became the king’s concubine the next day. Yeonwol is the sole survivor in the Yeon family that got exterminated after being accused of treason. She hides her identity and becomes an assassin to take revenge on the king. She enters the palace as a dancer and secretly attempts to kill the king but falls into a trap someone set up and faints after smelling something strong. When she wakes up the next day, she is proclaimed the Crown Prince’s concubine. Crown Prince, Sajo Hyun finds out this is a wicked act of Akhee, his other personality, so he runs to the concubines’ palace to kill Yeonwol. However, Akhee takes control of his body.

Sajo Hyun/Akhee(Cast. Park Ji-hoon)
Crown Prince Sajo Hyun is good-looking, intelligent, and talented in making clothes. He was deeply emotionally wounded by his father Sajo Seung when he was young, and his despair brought his second personality Akhee into the world. One day, he meets Yeonwol, Akhee’s lover. Sajo Hyun also falls in love with Yeonwol whom Akhee is madly in love with, so Akhee tries to become the owner of Sajo Hyun’s body.

Yeonwol(Cast. Hong Ye-ji)
She has a smile as bright as the sun but has unbeatable swordsmanship nobody knows about behind it. After losing her family, she lived under the name Gyera as a member of Baramkal, an assassin group. She dreams of avenging her family’s deaths but loses her memory in an accident and lives as the Crown Prince’s concubine Eunhyobi. She falls in love with Sajo Hyun, but she is confused when he is cold and sharp at times but so fond and loving at others.

Sajo Yoong(Cast. Hwang Hee)
He is the son of Sajo Seung’s concubine and Sajo Hyun’s older half-brother. He seems to have a warm smile, but deep inside, he hates Sajo Hyun, who is unselfish, and loathes how he enjoys everything he is naturally offered as the king’s legitimate son. To try to take the throne, his distorted desire that he has kept hidden takes charge.

Geumhwa(Cast. Ji-woo).
She is Sajo Hyun’s legal wife. She wanted to become the king, but she was not a part of the dynasty, so she resolved to at least becoming the queen. Geumhwa is greedy enough to stop at nothing to rise to that position. When her position as the Crown Prince’s wife is at risk because of Yeonwol, she becomes malicious.



思祖弦&厄诡(Cast. 朴志训)

延月(Cast. 洪叡志)

思祖隆(Cast. 黄熙)

金花(Cast. 智友)



サジョ・ヒョン/ アクヒ(Cast, パク・ジフン)

ヨン・ウォル(Cast, ホン・イェジ)

サジョ・ユン(Cast, ファン・ヒ)

クムファ(Cast, ジウ)