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Korea-Khitan War


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English Title :  
Korea-Khitan War
Korean Title :  
고려 거란 전쟁
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Lee Jung-Woo
Director :  
Jeon Woo-Sung, Kim Han-Sol
Cast :  
Kim Dong-Joon, Choi Soo-Jong, Ji Seung-Hyun, Lee Won-Jong
Production Year :  
Duration :  
60 min * 32 eps



Here is King Hyeonjong, the 8th king of the Goryeo(Korea) Dynasty. Born of noble blood but as an illegitimate child, this self-made man lived under endless assassination threats but eventually ascended the throne. This is the story of King Hyeonjong who steered Goryeo to victory in the battle with the Khitan by uniting Goryeo through his leadership of tolerance and his political teacher Gang Gamchan, the supreme commander of the army of Goryeo, and the Battle of Gwiju. It is the story that goes from when the Khitan attacked Goryeo in the year 1010 to when Goryeo wins a complete victory in the year 1019.
The Khitan conquered Manchuria, the Liaodong Peninsula, Mongolia, central Asia, and the current Beijing area at the time. It was the most powerful hegemon of East Asia, getting a substantial amount of tribute from the Song Dynasty which was the existing hegemon. Aiming to completely conquer the Song Dynasty and unify the whole country, the Khitan plan to start with Goryeo, and the King of the Khitan attempts to invade Goryeo with a large army of 400,000 in the year 1010.

Hyeonjong(Wang Sun)/Cast. Kim Dong-Jun
The grandson of Taejo of Goryeo, the nephew of Empress Cheonchu. He was born as the son of Wang Uk, the 8th prince, and Queen Heonjeong, the widow of King Gyeongjong. He was an illegitimate child the world never approved of. Moreover, his mother died during childbirth and his father was exiled, so he lived like an orphan. When he was five, he was kicked out of the palace. And when he was 12, he was confined in a temple. He lived under endless assassination threats. Later on, he becomes the king of Goryeo.

Gang Gamchan/Cast. Choi Su-Jong
With stooped shoulders and a thick beard, he wears the same clothes for days. He is a tactless government official who cannot fit anywhere. He is now an old man past his prime days. However, he used to have a dream about Goryeo. It was a dream of making Goryeo a stronger, more solid, more righteous, and better country to live in.

Yang Gyu/Cast. Ji Seung-Hyun
He is taciturn and does not reveal his intentions much, but he is loyal and upright. He is a civil servant and commander who normally does his job quietly, but never backs down about things he considers right. When Goryeo was facing its biggest crisis, Yang Gyu defended against invasion and protected the people with remarkable resources and courage.

Gang Jo/Cast. Lee Won-Jong
He is manly and magnanimous with a sturdy build. He overwhelms others with his strong impression and vigor. With that vigor, he becomes the head everywhere he goes. People like him because he is always faithful and embraces his people. He is a civil servant, but his looks and character are fit for a commander. Eventually, he does become a commander that suits his nature.


显宗是高丽王朝的第八任君主。他虽继承了最高贵的血统,却是个卑微的私生子, 同时也是一个在接连不断的暗杀威胁中登上王位的传奇人物。本剧主要通过两个人物,即宽容治国、团结民心,在与契丹的战争中取得胜利的高丽君主——显宗,与其朝政之师兼高丽军总司令官——姜邯赞,讲述了契丹对高丽发起战争的1010年至高丽在龟州大捷大获全胜的1019年间的故事。

显宗(王询)/Cast. 金桐俊

姜邯赞/Cast. 崔秀宗

杨规/Cast. 池承贤

康兆/Cast. 李原种



顕宗(王詢、ワン・スン)/Cast. キム・ドンジュン

姜邯贊/Cast. チェ・スジョン

楊規(ヤン・ギュ)/Cast. チ・スンヒョン

康兆(カン・ジョ)/Cast. イ・ウォンジョン