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English Title :  
The Matchmakers
Korean Title :  
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Ha Soo-Jin
Director :  
Hwang Seung-Ki, Kim Soo-Jin
Cast :  
Rowoon, Cho Yi-Hyun, Park Ji-Won, Son Sang-Yeon
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min * 16 eps



Jung-woo, who won first place in the state examination, believed that all he had left was to begin his official career. However, he captured princess’s attention, ultimately leading to him becoming the the son-in-law of the king. To make matters worse, on the day of their wedding, the princess collapses and he becomes a widower at a young age. Soon-deok is officially the second daughter-in-law of the family of the first vice-premier, but she is secretly leading a double life as the best matchmaker in Hanyang for a simple reason. Bringing people together with their loved ones fills her with excitement and happiness. A young widow and a young son-in-law of the king meet to obey the royal command to solve the issue about old maids and old bachelors! Will they lead the matchmaking project to success and make their second love work out?

Sim Jung-Woo(Cast. Rowoon)
Jung-woo attracted the princess’s attention and became the son-in- law of the king, but became a widower at 17 because the princess col- lapsed on the day of the wedding. He does not hold back his anger and appeals annulment to the higher court every single day for 8 years. One day, the king says he will free him from his position as the king’s son-in- law if he solves the issue about old maids and old bachelors. He has to successfully arrange matches with Soon-deok who is said to be the best matchmaker in Joseon, but he keeps locking horns with her all the time.

Jeong Soon-Deok(Csat. Cho Yi-Hyun)
Soon-deok’s husband was in poor health and passed away only six months after they got married. While living alone, she secretly starts her life as a matchmaker. She thought matching people with people they love and living the rest of her life with her love for her dead husband would be enough. However, one day, Jung-woo comes to her saying he is a royal emissary who received a royal command. With him, she undertakes the matchmaking project. Jung-woo whom she thought was rude starts to look cute.

Maeng Du-Ri(CAST. Park Ji-Won)
One of the old maids, who is the second daughter of the Maeng family. Everybody says she is a battle-ax, but she does not care. When Soon-deok and Jung-woo visit her to talk about the matchmaking project and ask about what kind of men she likes, she says “Men are all the same.” She is the best at sewing in the entire Hanyang, and she falls in love with Lee Si-yeol who is the son of the family that gives her sewing work.

Lee Si-Yeol(Cast. Son Sang-Yeon)
The eldest son of the Sungkyunkwan Daeseong family. He is good-looking and intelligent and is not lacking in any way. One day, Si-yeol mistakes Du-ri for a thief and is harshly criticized by her. This is enough for him to hate Du-ri, but Si-yeol cannot stop thinking about her. He sees her a few more times pretending it’s a coincidence, and he starts to fall for her.



沈正宇(Cast. 路云饰)

郑顺德(Cast. 赵怡贤饰)

孟杜里(Cast. 朴智元饰)
孟博士家的二女儿, 是怨女代表人物。虽有性格泼辣、口无遮拦的臭名,但杜里毫不在意。顺德和正宇因婚姻计划询问她喜欢什么类型的时候,她回答说“男人都一个样”。 针线活在汉阳堪称第一的杜里,与托她做活的那户人家的儿子李时烈相遇后坠入爱河。

李时烈(Cast. 孙相渊饰)



シム・ジョンウ(Cast. ロウン)

チョン・スンドク(Cast. チョ・イヒョン)

メン・ドゥリ(Cast. パク・ジウォン)
怨女代表の孟博士家の次女。性格が荒く、口が悪いと噂されているが、 ゥリは気にしない。スンドクとジョンウから婚活プロジェクトのため理想の男性像を尋ねられた時も、男なんて似たり寄ったりよ」と答える彼女。裁縫の腕が漢陽一の彼女は、仕事の依頼を受けた家の息子、イ・シヨルに出会い、恋に落ちる。

イ・シヨル(Cast. ソン・サンヨン)