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Unpredictable Family


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English Title :  
Unpredictable Family
Korean Title :  
우당탕탕 패밀리
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Moon Young-Hoon
Director :  
Kim Sung-Geun
Cast :  
Nam Sang-Ji, Lee Do-Gyeom, Kang Da-Bin, Lee Hyo-Na
Production Year :  
Duration :  
30 min * 120 eps



Thirty years ago, a feuding couple got divorced as sworn enemies, only to reunite as in-laws-to-be when their two new families meet all together for the first time. Witness the birth of a family that includes two people who detest each other more than anyone else in the world. A story that follows the unpredictable journey of these families-in-law as they strive to become families-in-heart.
Eun-sung and Seon-woo thought they would live happily together after all the obstacles they needed to overcome to get married. However, they stumble upon a shocking truth. Seon-woo's mother, Jung-ae , and Eun Sung's father, Dong-gu , were a couple that got divorced 30 years ago! Not only that, but they also still hold deep-seated grudges against each other due to long-unresolved misunderstandings. Can these two overcome their complicated family ties and have a happy marriage?

Eun-sung Yoo ( Cast. Nam Sang-Ji)
She dreams of a glamorous career, but the reality is that she is just a struggling, unknown actress. She finds solace in her boyfriend, Si-heon, but one day, she sees him cheating on her while dressed up as a cat. She flees the scene in a hurry and accidentally collides with Seon-woo, leading to an unexpected connection after she escapes wearing his jacket.

Seon-woo Kang (Cast. Lee Do-Gyeom)
Seon-woo is a highly acclaimed Hollywood film director, known for his perfectionism and ice-cold exterior. But he has a fiery passion when it comes to filmmaking. During a brief stay in Korea for his next project, he crosses paths with a woman dressed as a cat and even loses the jacket that he lent her out of the good of his heart. But somehow, he finds himself repeatedly entangled with this woman...

Eun-hyeok Yoo (Cast. Kang Da-bin)
Eun-hyeok is Eun-sung's stepbrother and the biological son of Dong-gu and Jung-ae who divorced 30 years ago. He currently lives with Dong-gu and Chun-yeong . He is a sharp detective in the violent crimes unit of the police department and he's a very affectionate and warm-hearted son at home. Then, one day, he gets mistaken for a criminal by Ha-yeong and he finds himself falling in love with her as they get tangled up with each other. However, this woman turns out to be the producer who tormented his little sister.

Ha-yeong Shin (Cast. Lee Hyo Na)
Ha Yeong is a beautiful and talented producer in the film industry who doesn't hesitate to go to great lengths to get what she wants. She originally aimed to marry Seon-woo, but upon discovering his affection for Eun-sung, she starts tormenting the struggling actress. However, she eventually develops feelings for Eun-hyeok, Eun-sung's brother.



刘恩圣 (Cast. 南相智(音))

姜善宇(Cast. 李道谦(音))

刘恩赫 (Cast. 姜多彬(音)))

申河英(Cast. 李孝娜(音))



ユ・ウンソン (Cast. ナム・サンジ)

カン・ソヌ( Cast. イ・ドギョム)

ユ・ウニョク ( Cast. カン・ダビン)

シン・ハヨン(Cast. イ・ヒョナ )