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Unpredictable Family


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English Title :  
Unpredictable Family
Korean Title :  
우당탕탕 패밀리
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Moon Young-Hoon
Director :  
Kim Sung-Geun
Cast :  
Nam Sang-Ji, Lee Do-Gyeom, Kang Da-Bin, Lee Hyo-Na
Production Year :  
Duration :  
30 min * 120 eps



A love story between an aspiring actor and a promising director
whose parents were a married couple that had divorced 30 years ago.
Could they overcome such a complicated family relationship
and become a true family?

With a dream of becoming a famous actress, Eun-sung willingly takes charge of all those tedious chores at the theatre without a single complaint. One day, to celebrate her boyfriend Si-heon’s debut, Eun-sung dresses up as Si-heon’s favorite cat character and waits for him at the theatre. However, she witnesses Si-heon kissing the theatre owner’s daughter, Ju-ri. Confused and embarrassed, Eun-sung rushes out of the theatre, and Si-heon runs after her as soon as he discovers her. Running away in the middle of the night, Eun-sung bumps into a man. Seeing her embarrassed by people’s stares, the man takes off his jacket and offers it to her. But Eun-sung suddenly runs away with his jacket on, as she spots Si-heon approaching.

Seon-woo is a promising movie director in Hollywood. Against his father’s wish to take over the business, he majored in film at college and has become one of Hollywood's hottest directors. Seon-woo returns to Korea for his next film project, and on his way to meet the head of a film production company, he is bumped into by a woman dressed up as a cat. He offers her his jacket to help her avoid unwanted attention, never expecting that she would run away wearing it! This act of kindness results in him losing his wallet and phone, causing him to miss his appointment with the production head. Furious, he reports the woman to the police.

After the worst first encounter, the two continue to get involved and even become colleagues at the same film production company. They resolve all the misunderstandings and get to know each other’s true selves, deepening their feelings.

While wishing for happy days, they come to face the shocking fact, that Seon-woo’s mother Jeong-Ae and Eun-sung’s father Dong-ku were a married couple who had divorced 30 years ago! What is worse, they hate each other due to misunderstandings that have not been resolved for long.

Despite their parents’ strong objections, Seon-woo and Eun-sung never give up their love. Could they overcome such an unpredictable family relationship and tie the knot?

Eun-sung(Cast. Nam Sang-ji)
When Eun-sung was young, she watched a movie starring Maggie Cheung with her father and promised herself that she would become a famous actress who could impress the world.
It’s already been 3 years since she joined the theatre, but all she does is put up posters and clean the theatre. As a practical jobless, she always tries to stay humble, but she has a hot-tempered side and often regrets not being able to hold back what she wants to say at critical moments.
Her life isn’t going as she expected, but with her boyfriend Si-heon who gives her comfort and courage, she can overcome all the twists and turns. However, her world shatters when she witnesses Si-heon kissing the theatre owner’s daughter. Running away from Si-heon, she accidentally bumps into Seon-woo, not knowing how they will get involved…

Seon-woo(Cast. Lee Do-gyeom)
At the age of 18, Seon-woo went to the US to study. He was supposed to major in business administration following his father’s advice. However, given time to himself away from his father for the first time, he realized that what he really liked was movies. Therefore, he got into a cinema school to become a film director.
His first film released in his mid-20s won several awards in leading film festivals, and he is now considered one of Hollywood’s most notable directors.
Due to his perfectionism, some perceive him as cold-blooded, but no one can compare with his passion for movies.
For his next work, he returns to Korea. On his way to meet the head of a film production company, he is bumped into by a woman dressed in a cat costume, and she runs away with the jacket that he offered as a favor. With all his belongings stolen, he misses the appointment and gets angry at her, never imagining he would fall in love with her…