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Live Your Own Life

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English Title :  
Live Your Own Life
Korean Title :  
효심이네 각자도생
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Jo Jung-Sun
Director :  
Kim Hyeong-Il
Cast :  
Uie, Ha-Joon, Ko Joo-Won, Lim Ju-eun
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70 min * 51eps



Hyosim is a relentless breadwinner and works as a fitness trainer. Then, one day, a man registers for a personal training session at 5 a.m. Hyosim's joy from the expensive lesson fee is short-lived, and her pride is hurt when the man says he's unwilling to learn from her. Taeho, who went abroad to study as a child, returned to Korea to reveal the truth about his parents’ car crash and find his missing grandmother. However, as there are no new clues and his sleepless nights increase, he starts working out.
Taeho regarded Hyosim, the fitness trainer, as bothersome, but the two gradually understand each other's circumstances and open up to each other. However, when rumors spread about the two dating, Hyosim conflicts with her family and the fitness center. Eventually, Hyosim vanishes, and Taeho, who tries to find her no matter what, comes across a clue about the whereabouts of his missing grandmother. Will Tae-ho and Hyosim be able to overcome all of these hardships?

Lee Hyosim(Cast. U-IE)
She works as a fitness trainer for morning sessions at a high-end fitness center and deals with tricky members. Then, one day, an odd member, Kang Taeho, appears before her. He tells her to never mind the personal training session and to mind her own business. However, since she has received the money, she watches over him. And one day, Taeho hurts his back during a workout. While helping him out, Hyosim suggests that they work out together, and he refuses but suddenly contacts her on the weekend. What's with this guy asking her to have a meal together?

Kang Taeho(Cast. Ha-jun)
Taeho, head of Taesan Group's Planning Division, started working out to overcome stress and insomnia. When he first met Hyosim, the fitness trainer in charge of him, he found her pathetic for being unable to say anything to rude customers. However, seeing her stay by his side for three months and willingly helping him when he gets injured, he starts having second thoughts. He feels encouraged to see her doing her best to live life to the fullest.

Kang Taemin(Cast. Ko Ju-won)
As vice chairman of Taesan Group, he hears of Taeho's return to Korea on the day he is released after a year of imprisonment on charges of solicitation and bribery on behalf of his father, Chairman Kang. He should be delighted to see his cousin in 20 years but is displeased with the whole situation. Taemin, who devoted his life to the company, is determined to save his position from Taeho... But Taeho is trying to take not only the company but also Hyosim, whom Taemin secretly had an interest in.

Choi Sugyeong(Cast. Lim Ju-eun)
The anchor of TV Live, Korea's best general TV programming channel, and the chairman's daughter. She's pretty, intelligent, ambitious, and spoiled, so she must get what she wants. This time, her target is Taemin. She isn't certain whether she wants Taesan Group or Taemin, but Sugyeong is confident.



李孝心(Cast. U-IE)

姜泰浩(Cast. 河俊(音))

姜泰民(Cast. 高周元)

崔秀景(Cast. 林珠银)



イ・ヒョシム(Cast. ユイ)
高級フィットネスセンターの午前担当のトレーナーとして働いており、迷惑な会員達を相手している。そんな彼女の前にある日現れた不思議な会員、カン・テホ。 パーソナルトレーニングはしなくていい、放っておいてくれと言われたものの、レッスン費を受け取った手前隣で見守っていたが、ある日、彼が運動中に腰を傷める。彼を助けながら、これからはレッスンを受けるよう諭すが断られる。ところが、週末に突然彼から連絡が来る。一緒に食事しようというこの男、何者?

カン・テホ役(Cast. ハ・ジュン)

カン・テミン(Cast. コ・ジュウォン)

チェ・スギョン(Cast. イム・ジュウン)