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English Title :  
My Lovely Boxer
Korean Title :  
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Kim Min-Joo
Director :  
Choi Sang-Yeol, Hong Eun-Mi
Cast :  
Lee Sang-Yeob, Kim So-Hye, Park Ji-Hwan, Kim Hyung-Mook, Kim Jin-Woo
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70 min * 12 eps



Sports Agent Kim Tae-young discovers that his valued athlete and good friend got involved in fixed matches to earn his son’s hospital fees and joins the field himself to save his friend. While searching for athletes to raise the stakes, he visits ace boxer Lee Kwon-sook, who had left the boxing ring 3 years ago.
Kwon-sook, who had longed for a life away from the ring and had changed her name to work at a local kindergarten, initially turns down Tae-young’s offer but eventually gets persuaded by Tae-young’s promise to make her leave the world of boxing forever if they form an agent contract.

Kim Tae-young (Cast. Lee Sang-yeob)
An athlete’s abilities? What’s more important is how to reap the benefits from them. After Hee-won, his source of hope during high school and an athlete he favored, fails to enter the Major League due to injury, Tae-young became a sports agent that only chases profits and expedients. Will Tae-young’s match-fixing scenario, on which he bet everything, unfold as planned?

Lee Kwon-Sook (Cast. Kim So-hye)
A former ace boxer who had astonished the world after knocking out a legendary boxer at the age of 17. People become enthused about her abilities, but Kwon-sook herself ran away from the boxing ring. What she yearned for was a heart-fluttering romance and a normal everyday life. She prepares a “match set up for losing” so that she never returns to the ring again.

Han Jae-min (Cast. Kim Jin-woo)
The director of the kindergarten where Kwon-sook works and her first love. He had immediately turned down Kwon-sook’s confession of love, but once Kwon-sook garners great attention from the world, he starts to take an interest in her. The more interest he shows in her genius boxer title, the more fragile the relationship between Jae-min and Kwoon-sook becomes.

Jeong Su-yeon (Cast. Ha Seung-ri)
A former golfer who had been Tae-young’s partner, friend, and lover. After Tae-young’s personality starts to change after his prized athlete fails to enter the Major League, their relationship had become strained. However, after they cross paths again, competition with Tae-young, now an agent, is the only thing that rouses a sense of challenge in her.



金泰英(Cast. 李相烨)

李权淑(Cast. 金素慧)

韩在民(Cast. 金秦禹)

郑秀妍(Cast. 河胜理)



キム・テヨン (Cast. イ・サンヨプ)

イ・グォンスク(Cast. キム・ソヘ)

ハン・ジェミン(Cast. キム・ジヌ)

チョン・スヨン(Cast. ハ・スンリ)