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English Title :  
The Elegant Empire
Korean Title :  
우아한 제국
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Han Young-Mi
Director :  
Park Ki-Ho
Cast :  
Kim Jin-Woo, Han Ji-Wan, Kang Yul, Son Sung-Yoon, Lee Sang-Bo
Production Year :  
Duration :  
40 min * 100 eps



The nice, naïve part of a woman dies and she returns for revenge, creating <The Elegant Empire>

The best entertainment company in Korea is ‘Elegant Empire Entertainment.’ Shin Joo-kyung is the director of Elegant Empire Entertainment and married to the son of the Elegant Empire Entertainment president, Ki-yoon. Her life is heading on the right track with her daughter, Soo-ah. However, Ki-yoon changes after President Jang, Joo-kyung’s father-in-law, becomes bedridden, and he soon falls in love with Jacqueline, a wealthy woman from America, and cheats on Joo-kyung. Also, Ki-yoon finds out that Joo-kyung, trusted by President Jang, is set to take over the company. So, he conspires to send Joo-kyung to prison and take the company for himself.
Joo-kyung’s sister, Ye-kyung, is also wrongfully killed instead. Joo-kyung then decides to get revenge on Ki-yoon. She fakes Ye-kyung’s death as her own and gets dangerous plastic surgery to become a new person named Seo Hee-jae to approach Ki-yoon. Meanwhile, Woo-hyuk, whom Joo-kyung meets at ‘Elegant Empire Entertainment’, never forgets her. Hee-jae (Joo-kyung) is swayed by Woo-hyuk's seduction and is now conflicted between love and revenge. Will Hee-jae (Joo-kyung) be able to avenge her ruined life and find new love and happiness?

Seo Hee-jae/Shin Joo-Kyung (Cast. Han Ji-wan)
Although she was from poor backgrounds, she is living a wealthy life as the director of Elegant Empire Entertainment. She is falsely charged and sent to prison, which is set up by Ki-yoon. To make matters worse, she gets divorced and loses everything at once. She is determined to get revenge on her ex-husband Ki-yoon as she finds out that he is behind everything.

Jang Ki-yoon (Cast. Kim Jin-woo)
Seven years ago, he was on the verge of being kicked out of the company after his embezzlement was revealed. President Jang ordered him to marry Joo-kyung, whom he cherished like his own daughter, so they got married. However, President Jang appoints Joo-kyung as the next president and he meets Jacqueline who has everything, and he has an affair with her...! Now that people getting on his nerves are gone, but suddenly Seo Hee-jae appears and he wants to win her heart.

Jacqueline Taylor (Cast. Son Sung-yoon)
After hearing that her sister Eun-ha was abandoned and killed when she got pregnant, she approaches Ki-yoon for revenge. Joo-kyung being a victim wasn’t part of her plan, though. However, she succeeds in seducing Ki-yoon and marrying him. Now, all she has to do is reveal that Eun-ha was murdered by Ki-yoon. However, she becomes hesitant as she begins to truly fall in love with him!

Jung Woo-hyuk(Cast. Kang Yul)
Joo-kyung, whom Woo-hyuk meets at Elegant Empire Entertainment, discovers his talent as an actor and suggests him for an acting career. And he finds himself falling in love with her. He thinks he can achieve his dreams thanks to Joo-kyung, but he then hears about her sudden death. He starts to miss her, until one day, he finds Joo-kyung again as Hee-jae.




徐熙才 / 申珠景 (Cast. 韩知婉)

张基允 (Cast.金镇佑)

杰可琳 (Cast. 孙星允)
收到自己的姐姐崔恩夏怀了基允的孩子后被抛弃并杀害的消息后,为了报仇,杰克琳故意接近基允。珠景成为替罪羊不在她的计划之中。 她成功诱惑基允并让他与自己再婚,现在只要揭露崔恩夏被他杀的事实便可……而她却动摇了。因为她真的爱上了基允!

郑雨赫 (Cast. 姜律)




ソ・ヒジェ / シン・ジュギョン (Cast. ハン・ジワン)

チャン・ギユン (Cast. キム・ジヌ)

ジャクリーン (Cast. ソン・ソンユン)

チョン・ウヒョク (Cast. カン・ユル)