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My Perfect Stranger


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English Title :  
My Perfect Stranger
Korean Title :  
어쩌다 마주친, 그대
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Drama, Mystery
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Baek So-Yeon
Director :  
Kang Soo-Yeon
Cast :  
Kim Dong-Wook, Jin Ki-Joo, Seo Ji-Hye, Lee Won-Jung
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70 min * 16 eps



A man trying to stop serial killings and a woman trying to separate her parents, is their encounter a coincidence or fate?

Hae-jun, a local news reporter, finds a time machine in the shape of a vintage car and starts time traveling to prevent wrongful deaths. Then one day, Yoon-young, an employee at a publishing company, is run over by the time machine, and the two of them travel to 1987 together. The time machine breaks down from the accident, and the two are trapped in 1987. Hae-jun disguises himself as a teacher to prevent a serial murder that is to take place, Yoon-young disguises herself as a student to prevent her young mother and father from meeting each other in 1987, and the two move to achieve their respective purposes. And in the process, the two face the shocking truth...

Hae-joon (Cast. Kim Dong-wook)
A righteous local news reporter. He uses the time machine, which he finds by chance, to read his articles from the future and starts preventing future deaths. However, he finds himself not writing any new articles in the future, and while looking for the cause behind it, he thinks that a serial murder in Woojeong-ri 34 years ago is relevant, so he takes the time machine and heads to 1987.

Yoon-yeong (Cast. Jin Ki-joo)
Yoon-young works for a publishing company with Koh Mi-suk. Her mother, who had always sacrificed herself for the family, is found dead in Woojeong-ri. If only she could travel to the past, Yoon-young wants to prevent her mother, who sacrificed her life for her family, from falling in love with her father. Just in time, Yoon-young is hit by a time machine and travels back to the past when her mother was 19 years old. And there, she tries to separate her mother and father.

Lee Soon-ae (Cast. Seo Ji-hye)
The young version of Yoon-young's mother. She had been bullied under the lead of Koh Mi-suk, a classmate. However, Yoon-young, who appears one day, starts fighting for her. And Huiseop, a transfer student, starts confessing his feelings to her. Soon-ae runs away feeling burdened by Yoon-young and Hui-seop, but soon she finds Huiseop cute and grows fond of Yoon-young. Not long after, strange incidents start threatening her...

Baek Huiseop (Cast. Lee Won-jeong)
A charming boy who loves music. He fell in love with Soon-ae, and although Yoon-young kept distracting him and Soon-ae, he was happy. However, horrendous events occur, and he faces a crisis. And at that moment, the one who saves him is Yoon-young, whom he has always hated. After learning of the truth, Hui-seop rises to protect his future wife and daughter.




尹海俊 (Cast. 金东旭)
海俊是个颇有正义感的社会部记者。他利用偶然发现的时光机看到自己的未来报道,于是开始阻止未来生的凶杀案。 不久,他发现在未来在某一个时点不再撰写新报道的自己。在寻找原因的过程中,他想到这也会跟34年前的牛井里连环杀人案有关,于是坐时光机向1987年。

白允英 (Cast. 秦基周)

李顺爱 (Cast. 徐智慧)
年轻时的允英妈妈。在同班同学高美淑的主导下,顺爱被孤立。但某天, 允英突然出现开始替她出头。不久,转学生熙燮开始向她表白。当初感到负担,, 顺爱总躲着他们。但不知不觉间 ,顺爱觉得熙燮可爱,允英很亲近。但一些怪事让她受到威胁……

白熙燮 (Cast. 李元郑)
熙燮是个热爱音乐的魅力少年。他爱上了顺爱,虽然允英总是妨碍两人, 过得还很幸福。后来发生了可怕的事,当他面临危机时来救他的却是他一直讨厌的允英。当熙燮知道一切真相后,为守护未来的妻女决定挺身而出。




ユン・ヘジュン (Cast. キム・ドンウク)

ペク・ユニョン (Cast. チン・ギジュ)

イ・スネ (Cast. ソ・ジヘ)

ペク・ヒソプ (Cast. イ・ウォンジョン)