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Apple of my eye


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English Title :  
Apple of my eye
Korean Title :  
금이야 옥이야
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Chae Hye-Young, Yoo Sang-Young
Director :  
Choi Ji-Young
Cast :  
Seo Jun-Young, Yoon Da-Young, Kim Shi-Hoo, Kang Da-Hyun
Production Year :  
Duration :  
30 min * 121 eps



A single dad and an adopted daughter of a big enterprise family meet under the glare of family and society!

Gangsan, a single dad, raises Jandi, who is not even his biological daughter, with love and has been waiting for Jandi’s missing biological mother for ten years. He meets Ok Mirae while he is struggling to make ends meet working at a side dish store and as a caregiver. Mirae is Jandi’s art academy teacher and the adopted daughter of the Hwangdong Food Group family. Gangsan is a great support to her when she is hurt by Juhyeok, her first love who just loves her background and not her, as well as her biological father who suddenly reappears. Gangsan and Mirae are attracted to each other, but love is harder than they think. Gangsan’s daughter, who used to say he was the best but now is in puberty and always gets annoyed, Mirae’s mother’s strong opposition, and Juhyeok’s obsession. Will the two be able to overcome adversity and stay together?

Geum Gangsan(Cast. Seo Jun-Young)
Gangsan’s friend Seonju always helped him when he was going through hard times. So, he decided to become Jandi’s father on behalf of her deceased biological father and has had to raise Jandi alone for 10 years after Seonju disappeared. He is working two jobs to make ends meet, his family treats him poorly, and Jandi is now in puberty. As he is suffering from all those things, Ok Mirae, who lives in a completely different world, appears in his life.

Ok Mirae(Cast. Yun Da-young)
Mirae was abandoned in a small motel room and that gave her claustrophobia when she was young. Luckily, she was adopted by Chanran who is from the owning family of Hwangdong Food Group and was able to grow up in a bright environment. When she was chasing her dream, she met her first love Juhyeok, but her biological father appeared, and her world turned upside down which resulted in her getting hurt. Gangsan comforts her wounded heart, and she falls in love with him.

Dong Juhyeok(Cast. Kim Shi-hoo)
The son of Hwangdong Food president Gyucheol. Everyone envies him, but he hates his father because of the wounds he received during his childhood. He said he would marry Mirae to prevent Gyucheol and Chanran from getting married, but Mirae wants to break off the engagement because of Gangsan, who has nothing. Juhyeok gets so angry that he tries everything to separate Mirae and Gangsan.

Geum Jandi(Cast. Kim Si-eun)
As an adolescent middle school student, she causes trouble every day and gives her father a hard time. But deep down, she misses her mother, who has been missing for ten years. She becomes friends with her art teacher Mirae and is comforted by her. But could Ms. Mirae become her new mother? Then her mother, Seonju, reappears…15-year-old Jandi’s life is full of ups and downs.




金刚山(Cast. 徐俊英)

玉未来(Cast. 尹多英)

董柱赫(Cast. 金时厚)

金丝草(Cast. 金诗恩)




クム・カンサン(Cast. ソ・ジュニョン)

オク・ミレ(Cast. ユン・ダヨン)

ドン・ジュヒョク(Cast. キム・シフ)

クム・ジャンディ(Cast. キム・シウン)