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The Real Has Come!

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English Title :  
The Real Has Come!
Korean Title :  
진짜가 나타났다!
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Jo Jung-Joo
Director :  
Han Joon-Seo
Cast :  
Baek Jin-Hee, Ahn Jae-Hyeon, Cha Joo-Young, Jung Eui-Jae
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70 min * 50eps



A woman with an ex-boyfriend's child and a man who has to marry a woman chosen by his grandmother meet for their different interests!
Yeon-doo, who is pregnant with her ex-boyfriend's baby who cheated on her, wants to keep her baby after hearing that the baby in her stomach may be her last child. Her mother finds that out and barges into the ob-gyn center where Yeon-doo was being treated. In the meantime, her ex-boyfriend, who was dragged to come with her, yells at her to abort the baby and asks if the baby is really his baby. Yeon-doo gets angry and says that the baby in her belly is not her ex-boyfriend's baby, but Tae-kyung's, a doctor in front of her. She apologizes to Tae-kyung for what she did in anger. But he suggests becoming a fake couple to avoid a forced marriage.
The two decide to be a fake couple for their different motives. But there is Se-jin, who hasn't given up on Tae-kyung yet, and Tae-kyung’s family doesn’t like Yeon-doo, in addition to the secret of Yeon-doo’s baby in her womb! Will they be able to protect “Real (fetus name)” from all these difficulties?

Oh Yeon-doo(Cast. Baek Jin-hee)
A star in the online lecture world with a nice boyfriend. However, she becomes a single mother in an instant due to her boyfriend's affair. Tae-kyung tells her that it could be her last pregnancy and that gives her a harder time. Yeon-doo gets angry at her mother who tells her to get an abortion and her ex-boyfriend who yells and asks her if the baby is really his. So she joins with Tae-kyung and becomes a fake couple.

Gong Tae-kyung(Cast. Ahn Jae-hyun)
Due to his mother's remarriage, he is hated by his step-grandmother and his step-siblings and brutally dumped by Se-jin, his first love. That made him decide to stay single, but his grandmother Geum-shil declares that if he does not marry Se-jin, she will kick his mother out. Right then, a pregnant Yeon-doo appears. Tae- kyung, who doesn't want to marry Se-jin, tries to avoid marrying her by becoming a fake couple with Yeon-doo.

Jang Se-jin(Cast. Cha Joo-young)
Her father's friend, corporate chairman of NX Group, helped her family which was about to go bankrupt. But Se-jin saw the true side of NX Group’s family, who looks down on her, and hurts Tae-kyung, the son of the family, by rejecting him. Then one day, Tae-kyung's grandmother offers her to marry Tae-kyung and she wants to seize this opportunity for her future.

Kim Jun-ha(Cast. Chung Eui-je)
Oh Yeon-doo's ex-boyfriend and the birth father of “Real” inside Yeon-doo's belly. While dating Yeon-doo, he meets Se-jin and cheats on her. Yeon-doo comes to the event he prepared for Se-jin and finds out about the affair.




吴妍度(Cast. 白珍熙)

孔泰京(Cast. 安宰贤)

张世真(Cast. 车珠英)

金俊河(Cast. 郑义诸)



オ・ヨンドゥ(Cast. ペク・ジニ)

コン・テギョン(Cast. アン・ジェヒョン_

チャン・セジン(Cast. チャ・ジュヨン)

キム・ジュンハ(Cast. チョン・ウィジェ)