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Vengeance of the Bride


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English Title :  
Vengeance of the Bride
Korean Title :  
태풍의 신부
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Song Jung-Rim
Director :  
Park Ki-Hyun
Cast :  
Park Ha-Na, Kang Ji-Sub, Park Yoon-Jae, Oh Seung-A
Production Year :  
Duration :  
40 min * 102 eps



Baram was raised by the man who killed her own father. Unaware of what truly happened, she grew up happily as the daughter of Baeksan, the man who killed her father. She was the kind-hearted, curious, and passionate hope of her family. However, truth will not be hidden forever. Shocked to find out that Baram isn’t her real daughter, Insoon abuses Baram and pushes her away, eventually even trying to take her own life. After learning that she was the reason for her beloved mother to attempt suicide, Baram leaves her family and checks herself into an orphanage where she changes her name to become Seoyeon.
Seoyeon has now lost all the people she loves because of him whom she believed to be her loving father. She becomes determined to get revenge on Baeksan. Seoyeon plans to destroy him by marrying his beloved son, Taepoong. Will Seoyeon be able to get her revenge amid the typhoon of misunderstanding, jealousy, and love?

Eun Seoyeon (Kang Baram) / Park Ha-Na
It’s been 20 years since she turned from the beloved, doted-on daughter, Baram, to Seoyeon. One day, Insoon stops by the makeup shop Seoyeon works at by chance, bringing back all her past relationships and memories. Baram reunites with San-deul and falls in love, but when he dies, she is confronted with the truth that Baeksan killed her father and San-deul. Not only that, but he also even kidnaps her mother that she has finally reunited with! The once warm-hearted Kang Baram is dead. Only Seoyeon remains, pledging a bitter vengeance like a winter wind.

Kang Taepoong / Kang Ji-Seob
Baram was the only one who kept his heart safe after it was broken from witnessing his father’s crime at a young age. But one day, Baram disappears without a trace and news of her death soon follows. After many turbulent years, he meets Seoyeon, but eventually realizes that she really is Baram that he’s been looking for all this time. He realizes that Seoyeon has proposed to him not out of love, but for vengeance, However, he happily intends to be used by her. He would do anything for his love, even if it is only doom that awaits him.

Yoon San-deul / Park Yoon-Jae
San-deul met Baram in middle school and fell in love with her right away. One day, his father is suddenly killed after looking into the death of his close friend (Baram’s father), and San-deul can’t forget the suspicious man he saw that day. He reunites with Baram after a long time, and they promise each other that they will get married. But San-deul is attacked after finding evidence to prove that Baeksan is the one who killed Baram’s father. And after awaking from a long coma, the first thing that awaits him is the news of Seoyeon’s wedding to Taepoong.

Kang Bada / Oh Seung-A
Even though they were born as twins, Baram and Bada were complete opposites. Perhaps that is why everyone loved Baram more than her. Even her first love, San-deul. One day, Baram disappears and even then, nothing changes. Jealousy and anxiety build over the years and Bada grows up into a person who would do even the dirtiest deeds to achieve her desires.



殷瑞妍(姜风) / 朴河娜 饰

姜泰风 / 姜志燮 饰

尹灿多 / 朴胤载 饰

姜海 / 吴丞芽 饰



ウン・ソヨン(カン・バラム)役 / パク・ハナ

カン・テプン役 / カン・ジソプ

ユン・サンドゥル役 / パク・ユンジェ

カン・バダ役 / オ・スンア