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English Title :  
Bad Prosecutor
Korean Title :  
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Im Yeong-Bin
Director :  
Kim Sung-Ho
Cast :  
Do Kyung-Soo, Lee Se-Hee, Ha-Joon, Kim Sang-Ho
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70 min * 12 eps



An action investigation drama in which a prosecutor, who pursues justice, breaks down the sanctuary created by wealth and power and the evil forces living in it.

Jeong gets assigned to the Seocho-dong Homicide Case. It's a case in which a delivery man brutally killed a woman in her 20s after a scuffle. After spending a night at the murder scene, a man confesses to the police that he is the culprit. While investigating the case, Jeong realizes the man made a false confession. But the one pulling on the wire doesn't leave Jeong alone. Jeong's boss Lee Jang-won, soon to be appointed as the district prosecutor, prevents Prosecutor Jin from delving into the case and passes the case to Do-hwan, a senior prosecutor. Jeong trusts Do-hwan but Do-hwan eventually removes all the evidence that Jeong found, so the man is charged guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

Jeong, who had been poking around the case, is demoted to the "Civil Service Division," an unheard-of division. However, while packing his belongings in the office, Jeong decides to dig into the case until the end. It is not because of tacky reasons like revenge or sympathy. And Jeong isn't acquainted with the suspect at all. It's simply because "I'm a prosecutor. And a prosecutor must reveal the truth and catch the bad guys. Dirty things must be cleaned up, not avoided." That was Jeong's reason. Will Jeong finally reveal the truth and put an end to these bad guys?

Jin Jeong (Prosecutor at the Central District Prosecutor's Office) / Cast. Do Kyung-soo

Has an undoubtedly attractive appearance and an incredible smile. He's slick and cheerful and maintains confidence in any situation. He has lived unassociated from words like neatness, uprightness, and rigidity. An unprecedented maverick in the history of prosecutors, heavily armed with delinquent behavior! He tries to put an end to these bad guys behind the Seocho-dong case.

Shin Ara (Senior Prosecutor at the Central District Prosecutor's Office) / Cast. Lee Se-hee

She handles work neatly, makes level-headed judgments, and maintains a good relationship with her colleagues. But she can't seem to get closer with Jeong for some reason. To Ara, Jeong is an invasive species that does not abide by a single virtue of an organization. However, she is a senior prosecutor who worries about and helps Jeong more than anyone else when he's in trouble.

Oh Do-hwan (Prosecutor at the Central District Prosecutor's Office) / Cast. Ha Jun

He's the same age as Jeong but is a senior prosecutor, an elite who passed the bar exam at the age of 22. He's meticulous and calculative. Neat and calm, he never reveals his true intentions and is Jeong's greatest nemesis. The factory run by his father went bankrupt in an instant due to a conglomerate's scheme. After his family was shattered to ruins, he lives in pursuit of money and power.

Park Jae-kyung (Director of the Civil Service Division) / Cast. Kim Sang-ho

In the past, he was a hot-blooded, wacko prosecutor like Jeong. He was willing to fight against social irregularities to implement justice and aimed to bring down the corrupt. However, when his family was destroyed by such forces, he came to a deep realization. He cannot deal with them on his own. So, he acts like a loser while waiting for someone that can help him to arrive. Then one day, Prosecutor Jin Jeong is issued to the Service Division.

















チン・ジョン (中央地検 刑事部検事) /キャスト:ド・ギョンス


シン・アラ (中央地検 刑事部検事) /キャスト:イ・セヒ

そつなく業務をこなし、状況判断も冷静、その上 同僚とのコミュニケーションも円滑だが、どうもジョンとは親しくなれそうもない。アラにとってジョンは組織において守るべき暗黙のルールを何1つ守らない、生態系を乱す異種だ。しかし、ジョンが失敗をしたときは親身になって心配しサポートする先輩検事だ。

オ・ドファン (中央地検 刑事部検事) /キャスト:ハ・ジュン


パク・ジェギョン (中央地検 刑事部検事) /キャスト:キム・サンホ