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The Love In Your Eyes


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English Title :  
The Love In Your Eyes
Korean Title :  
내 눈에 콩깍지
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Na Seung-Hyun
Director :  
Ko Young-Tak
Cast :  
Baek Sung-Hyun, Bae Noo-Ri, Choi Yoon-Ra, Jung Su-Hwan
Production Year :  
Duration :  
30 min * 123 eps



Yeong-i, who lost her parents at a young age, fell in love with her neighbor Dojin and had a child with him at age 21. Tragically, Dojin died soon afterward due to an accident while working as a public health doctor. Yeong-i, who has suddenly become a single mother, works part-time at a TS Retail convenience store to provide for her daughter. One day, she becomes acquainted with Gyeongjun, the grandson of TS Retail’s founder. At first, she thinks they will just have an ill-fated relationship, but she eventually falls in love with him. However, in a strange twist of fate, it turns out that Gyeongjun was donated Dojin’s cornea and is family to the culprit who caused his death. Will Yeong-i be able to keep her newfound love after the truth comes out?

Jang Gyeongjun (cast. Baek Sung-Hyun, Eldest grandson of TS Retail’s founder)
The eldest grandson of TS Retail’s founder who lost his eyesight due to his stepmother at a young age who gets another chance at life when he gets donated a new cornea. As someone who dislikes people who cause trouble for others, he initially believes Yeong-i to be the type that he hates. But as they spend more time together, he is drawn to her. However, it turns out that the cornea that helped him regain his eyesight has come from Yeong-i’s late husband…

Lee Yeong-i (cast. Bae Noo-Ri, Night shift part-timer at CV → Intern at TS Retail)
This widowed single mother always speaks her mind no matter how difficult life gets. She works part-time at a TS Retail convenience store to provide for her daughter, and Chairman Jang, the founder of TS Retail, is impressed by her skills. Thanks to that, she is chosen to train his grandson, Gyeongjun, to work at the convenience store and later work with him at the TS Retail headquarters. She gradually falls in love with him, but their love is full of obstacles.

Kim Haemi (cast. Choi Yoon-Ra, Chief of Food Development, Gyeongjun’s former fiancée)
Haemi is a talented young lady who even studied abroad in the U.S. During her time abroad, she finds an unconscious Gyeongjun and saves his life by taking him to the hospital. Through their meeting of fate, she gets to know Gyeongjun and becomes his girlfriend. After returning to Korea, she is appointed the chief of the Food Development Team at TS Retail. One day, her late cousin Dojin’s wife Yeong-i starts her internship at TS Retail. She’s surprised to see Gyeongjun, who is never emotionally present while they are together, smiling brightly whenever he looks at Yeong-i. Every time she sees that, Haemi finds herself engulfed in jealousy.

Jang Sejun (cast. Jung Su-Hwan, Director of Product Planning and Development. Second grandson of TS Retail’s founder)
From a young age, Sejun received a lot of stress from his mother’s pressure on his education. Mr. Shim, who always looked after him like a real uncle, suddenly hands in his resignation and leaves to a coastal village in Jeolla Province. When Sejun goes to Jeolla Province to visit Mr. Shim, he causes an irrevocable accident and must live out his days in the pain of guilt. He finds joy in life again when he meets Yeong-i during her internship at TS Retail, but he later finds out that she is the widow of the man he killed in an accident.



张庆俊 (白成铉 饰演,TS零售创始人的大孙子)

李英伊(裴卢丽 饰演,便利店夜间打工者→TS零售实习生)

金海美(崔允罗 饰演,TS零售食品开发组组长、庆俊的前未婚妻)

张世俊(郑秀焕 饰演,商品企划开发本部本部长、TS零售创始人的二孙子)



チャン・ギョンジュン (cast. ペク・ソンヒョン、TSリテール創業者の一番上の孫)

イ・ヨンイ (cast. ペ・ヌリ、コンビニの夜間アルバイト → TSリテールのインターン)

キム・ヘミ (cast. チェ・ユンラ、TSリテール食品開発チーム チーム長、ギョンジュンの元婚約者)

チャン・セジュン (cast. チョン・スファン、商品企画開発本部 本部長、TSリテール創業者の二番目の孫)