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Three Bold Siblings

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English Title :  
Three Bold Siblings
Korean Title :  
삼남매가 용감하게
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Kim In-Young
Director :  
Park Man-yeong
Cast :  
Lee Ha-na, Lim Ju-hwan, Lee Tae-sung, Kim So-eun, Lee You-jin
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70 min * 50eps



The eldest daughter, a medical content creator and a licensed doctor who doesn’t practice, turned her life upside-down after putting family before her all her life!
This is a story of her falling in love again with her ex, an actor who made a fortune as an up-and-coming star.

Sang-joon is Tae-joo’s first love who said he wanted to be an actor when they were in elementary school. Sang-joon has now become a famous actor who is very popular. However, to Sang-joon, life as an actor is a mere illusion as he also had a painful family history. And feeling like they’re in the same boat, Tae-joo and Sang-joon get closer little by little. That’s how Tae-joo started her first love at age 25. Unfortunately, after dating for almost a year, one day their romance finally ends up on news articles. Due to angry fans, Sang-joon announces that there is nothing between the two of them, goes radio silent, and serves in the military. While, the name ‘Lee Sang-joon’ follows her around like a ball and chain. Tae-joo feels resentful to see Sang-joon continuing to be successful.
At one point, Tae-joo feels anger toward Sang-joon who made the whole country think of her as a divorcee and goes to Sang-joon to ask him to compensate for her youth. Then, Sang-joon, in return, offers her to appear in a romantic TV show to use her to regain Sang-joon’s popularity that has slightly declined. Tae-joo accepts Sang-joon’s offer, but her plan was to take revenge against Sang-joon by appearing in the show just to suddenly leave. However, Tae-joo develops feelings for Sang-joon who keeps on looking after her.

Kim Tae-joo (A medical contents coordinator and a doctor on the payroll) / Cast. Lee Ha-na

Kim Tae-joo is a typical, traditional eldest daughter who had to give up her things for her siblings and live as the perfect person that her parents wanted her to be. She seems gruff on the outside, she has a warm heart. For her, Sang-joon is the one whom she can depend on. However, as soon as she breaks up with Sang-joon, she gets the lable ‘ex fiancee’. While bearing resentment towards him, she develops feelings for him.

Lee Sang-joon (Actor) / Cast. Lim Ju-hwan

He has been the leading man for 20 years, and has been the breadwinner of his family. One day, he goes to a hospital due to an accident at the shoot and sees Kim Tae-joo, and they become a couple. Even though they break up, Tae-joo is his first love whom he cannot forget. One day, a woman wearing a face mask shows up to Sang-joon, saying “I want to kill you.” The woman Sang-joon took for a stalker turns out to be Kim Tae-joo, his first love.

Kim So-rim (Pilates instructor) / cast. Kim So-eun

Tae-joo’s younger sister. She has been popular with boys and dated plenty of guys, but no relationship lasted long. After being betrayed by a man whom she considered marrying, she thought the world would crumble down. After feeling like herself again, she works hard as a Pilates instructor and starts taking interest in an office clerk she teaches.

Kim Gun-woo (Orthopedist) / Cast. Lee You-jin

He’s Tae-joo’s younger brother and is the youngest among the three siblings. As a son, he has always been dotted since his birth, and as he has always been dotted, he’s outgoing and loving. Because his mother only showed favoritism toward him, he has always felt bad for his eldest sister. It looks like he marches to the beat of his own drum, but the love for his family is great.




金泰珠 (医学相关内容企划者&月薪医生)/CAST.李荷娜


李尚俊 (演员)/CAST.林周焕


金素林 (普拉提讲师)/CAST.金素恩


金建宇 (整形外科医生)/CAST.李有镇





キム・テジュ (医学関連コンテンツ企画者&勤務医)/ キャスト:イ・ハナ


イ・サンジュン (俳優)/ キャスト:イム・ジュファン


キム・ソリム (ピラティスの講師)/ キャスト:キム・ソウン


キム・ゴヌ (整形外科医)/ キャスト:イ・ユジン