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English Title :  
The Law Cafe
Korean Title :  
법대로 사랑하라
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Romantic Comedy
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Im Ji-eun
Director :  
Lee Eun-jin
Cast :  
Lee Seung-gi, Lee Se-young, Kim Nam-hee, Kim Seul-gi
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70 min * 16 eps



A nosy lawyer left her six-figure salary at a large law firm to open a law cafe near a quiet residential area. But the owner of the building just happens to be a former prosecutor who now lives jobless wearing sweats. Here at this law cafe, solely for the price of a cup of coffee, customers can talk about their problems that no shamanic ritual or depression meds can solve. You know what those jerks always say. “Fine, let’s do it by the law!” Well, it turns out doing it by the law can actually bring you a satisfying solution. By the way, the coffee they sell may be a little sweet.
Jeongho and Yuri have known each other for 17 years. They first met as the No. 1 and No. 2 top kids in school. They became friends and spent part of their high school and college years together, sharing embarrassing pasts such as drunken confessions and unforgettable first kisses. After naturally growing apart, they reunited in the courtroom as a prosecutor and lawyer. Then a few years later, they reunite again as owner and tenant. She comes to open a cafe on the first floor of his building.
Jeongho, who had been in love with Yuri this entire time, is actually in panic to have her in his life again. There was a reason he couldn’t profess his love to her for so long. But no matter how hard he tries to avoid her, their law-mance seems to never end. So Jeongho decides to go head-to-head.
They go through adventures and comic moments in the process of helping others, and their friendship evolves into “law-mance” at Law Cafe.

-Kim Jeongho / Cast. Lee Seunggi

His only routine is napping with a comic book or martial arts novel open, or going around the building he owns to play games with his tenants, always dressed in sweats. But contrary to how he looks, he is a former prosecutor once known as a monstrous genius who had entered Hanguk University Law School at the top of his class + passed the bar exam while in college + was a top graduate of the Judicial Research and Training Institute. And despite his worn-out sweats, he is quite a looker. And this charmer has had a crush on the same woman for 17 years, none other than Kim Yuri.

-Kim Yuri / Cast. Lee Seyoung

She has a strong mentality, clear sense of justice, and execution ability to put her thoughts into action. When describing her, the words “too much” come to mind. The woman with too much justice, nosiness, and fashion sense submits her resignation letter as if the time has come. Out of the blue, she opens a law cafe in a residential area full of cherry trees at the back of her alma mater. For the price of a cup of coffee, she listens to your problems.

-Park Woojin / Cast. Kim Namhee

Although a psychiatrist, he is afraid of his own shadow. He is a man of delicate frame living with all sorts of modern disease including depression, herniated disc, plantar fasciitis, and scoliosis. With their protective instincts kicking in, the people in the neighborhood use his clinic as a meeting plaza. Together with Jeongho, they are the official Dumb and Dumber of the neighborhood. But once Yuri appears, their friendship gets complicated as he becomes a die-hard fan of her.

-Han Seyeon / Cast. Kim Seulgi

She is the leader(?) of Seoyeon High School among four members including Jeongho and Yuri. With her nerves on edge due to hormonal change during pregnancy, both Yuri and Jeongho try to spare themselves from her. To Yuri, she is more like a sister than a friend. When packing lunch, she packs one more for Yuri and even brings side dishes over to her place. Though currently on parental leave, she is a talented graduate of National Police University.


恰好,这儿有一位辞掉年薪上亿韩元的大型律师事务所、在闲暇的住宅区开了一家律咖啡店(Law cafe)的职业爱管闲事的律师。但偏偏房东是从检察厅辞职、穿着运动服的游手好闲的检察官。用一杯咖啡的钱,向他们倾诉那些跳大神也没有用、吃抗忧郁药物也无法解决的烦恼。是想起了喊着“不服就依法行事~”的那个人吗?意外的是,依法行事可能会有愉快、爽快、痛快的解决方法。啊,对了,他们卖的咖啡说不定会有点甜。

-金正浩 (男/34岁) / Cast. 李昇基


-金宥利 (女/34岁) / Cast. 李世荣

看着她,脑海中会突然浮现这样的话。Too Much……!
不管是正义感、爱管闲事、热情,还是在穿搭方面都有点过头的她……好似时机已到,她向公司递交了辞呈。她,很突然地,无厘头地……在母校后门樱花繁盛的住宅区开了一家律咖啡店(Law cafe)。据说只要一杯咖啡的钱,就能听你倾诉烦恼……

-朴宇镇 (男/37岁) / Cast. 金南熹


-韩世妍 (女/34岁) / Cast. 金瑟琪




-キム・ジョンホ (男/34) / キャスト:イ・スンギ


-キム・ユリ (女/34) / キャスト:イ・セヨン

彼女を見ていると、ふとこんな言葉が浮かぶ。“トゥーマッチ(Too Much)…!”

-パク・ウジン (男/37) / キャスト:キム・ナムヒ


-ハン・セヨン (女/34) / キャスト:キム・スルギ