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Gold Mask


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English Title :  
Gold Mask
Korean Title :  
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Kim Min-ju
Director :  
Eo Su-sun
Cast :  
Cha Ye-Ryun, Lee Hyun-Jin, Na Yeong-Hui, Lee Hwi-Hyang
Production Year :  
Duration :  
40 min * 100 eps



She never imagined that her boyfriend, Hong Jinwoo, would be the son of the owner of <SA Group>, the company she works for. Sooyeon gets envied by many people as she instantly becomes the daughter-in-law of the mega-rich family. Sooyeon’s mother-in-law, Hwayoung, doesn’t accept Sooyeon as her daughter-in-law, subtly excluding Sooyeon and treating her as if she’s invisible. However, Sooyeon holds out, trying to be accepted as a daughter-in-law as she loves her husband and has a son, Seojun. But, finally, Hwayoung devised a trap to kick out Sooyeon. She is framed as an adulterer overnight and loses her child. To make matters worse, Her father, who had been investigating the adultery alone to clear Sooyeon’s name from the false accusation, is found dead at the emergency exit of <SA Group>. Sooyeon is certain. This is not just an accident. Sooyeon goes to Misook to get to the bottom of her father’s death and to win back her son.

-CHA HWA-YOUNG (Chairwoman of SA Group)/ Cast. NA YOUNGHEE

“Money is law, justice, and God. That is the era we live in.”
Hwayoung reluctantly allows the marriage as Jinwoo insists, but not being able to accept Sooyeon as her daughter-in-law, Hwayoung plots adultery and kicks Sooyeon out. After that, Hwayoung brings Yura, whom she had been eying, but every lie related to Yura’s background, school history, and her divorce gets revealed. Meanwhile, the new and improved Sooyeon teams up with Dongha to go after <SA Group>, and Hwayoung’s empire starts to crack at a frightening speed.

-YOO SOO-YEON (The daughter-in-law of SA Group&The assistant of <Partners> general manage)/ Cast. CHA YERYUN

“My dad dying there couldn’t have been a coincidental accident...”
Sooyeon goes to Ko Misook, who had given her a job as an etiquette consultant, to find out the truth behind her father’s death and becomes an escorting assistant and advisor of Dongha, Misook’s son and the general manager of a global investment firm that invests in <SA Group>. While working with Dongha, Sooyeon starts to fall for Dongha. With Dongha, Sooyeon fortifies her position at <SA Group> and gets closer to the identity of the murderer who had killed her father. After realizing that everything had been a plot devised by her mother-in-law, Hwayoung, Sooyeon resolves to take revenge.

-KANG DONG-HA (The general manager of a global investment firm <Partners>)/ Cast. LEE HYUNJIN

“My next goal is making you, Yoo Sooyeon, happy...”
As the patented product his father had been proud of was stolen by <SA Group> before he passed away of a heart attack, Dongha’s goals have been to take back the product to show it to the world and to take away every ounce of wealth and prosperity of <SA Group>. However, after meeting Sooyeon, he sets another goal. It’s none other than Sooyeon becoming happy.

-SEO YU-RA (<SA Group> designer)/ Cast. YEON MINJI

“Park Eunji, get a grip! No, Seo Yura. I’m not Park Eunji, I’m Seo Yura! Seo Yura!”
Living as Seo Yura, a fictional woman she created, she heads to the U.S. to take revenge against Yoo Daesung, Sooyeon’s father, whom Yura thinks is the murderer of her father. After tricking Hwayoung, Yura earns her support and marries Jinwoo.



-车华英 饰(《SA集团》会长)/ 罗英姬


-刘秀妍 饰 (《SA集团》的儿媳《帕特纳斯》本部长的秘) / 车艺莲


-姜东河 饰 (《帕特纳斯》本部长) / 李现填


-徐宥拉 饰 (《SA集团》设计师) / 延敏智




-チャ・ファヨン (“SAグループ”会長) / ナ・ヨンヒ

スヨンを嫁として認められなかったファヨンは、不倫スキャンダルを捏造して彼女を追い出す。そして嫁として目をつけておいたユラを連れてくるが…、ユラの出身、学歴、さらに離婚歴まで、ウソがすべて明らかになる。そんななか、変貌をとげて現れたスヨンがドンハとともに“SAグループ”に圧力をかける。ファヨンの王国は, 恐ろしい速さで亀裂が入り始めた…。

-ユ・スヨン (“SAグループ”の嫁 “パートナーズ”本部長秘書) / チャ・イェリョン


-カン・ドンハ(“パートナーズ”本部長) / イ・ヒョンジン


-ソ・ユラ(“SAグループ”デザイナー) / ヨン・ミンジ