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Bravo, My Life


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English Title :  
Bravo, My Life
Korean Title :  
으라차차 내 인생
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Koo Ji-won
Director :  
Sung Jun-he
Cast :  
Nam Sang-ji, Yang Byeong-yeol, Lee Si-kang, Cha Min-ji
Production Year :  
Duration :  
30 min * 120 eps



After her older brother is killed in a hit-and-run, Donghui chooses to become a single mom to her nephew Himchan, who was abandoned by his birth mother. Thanks to caring people who lend her a helping hand, Donghui slowly begins to map out her life. Donghui’s long-held dream has been to design beautiful clothes that make people happy. Her life with Himchan is on an even keel when she gets a job as a fixed-term assistant designer. Donghui is excited to work toward her dream of becoming a successful top-rate designer, but then comes someone who can put a wrench into her plan.

Chayeol, the younger son of Inha Fashion’s CEO, is a special hire. He has no interest in taking his job seriously or forging close ties with coworkers. But then he becomes intrigued by Donghui, who perseveres even in the face of insurmountable odds. Spending time with her became comfortable, and he ends up loving her to the point where he starts enjoying work. Donghui thinks it’s ridiculous for her, a single mom, to feel sorry for Chayeol, and tells herself not to think about him. In love with Chayeol is Seungju, the head of the design team. Seungju has known and been in love with Chayeol since college. Donghui thinks they make a fine pair and sets out to help Seungju get together with Chayeol. But what do you know? Chayeol asks Donghui out.

Donghui grows fond of Chayeol too. It turns out, however, that Chayeol was in the car that hit and killed her brother Jaeseok. That car crash is the reason Donghui became a single mom, Himchan lost his parents, and Chayeol developed an anxiety disorder. What really happened on the night of the fateful crash? Who is Himchan’s birth mother that abandoned him? Can Donghui and Chayeol overcome even this challenge and be together?

- Seo Donghui (Age 28, Himchan’s mom, voluntary single mom, fixed-term designer at Inha Fashion)/ CAST. Nam Sangji

She became an orphan at the age of five when her parents were killed in a car crash. After her older brother dies unexpectedly, his wife abandons their newborn baby and disappears. Unable to forsake her brother’s only flesh and blood, Donghui decides to be her nephew’s mother. Donghui lives every day to the fullest, raising her “son” Himchan and working hard at Inha Fashion, where she is a fixed-term assistant designer. She falls in love with her coworker Chayeol, but an insurmountable obstacle stands between them.

-Kang Chayeol (Age 32, Younger son of Kang Ingyu, CEO of Inha Fashion)/CAST. Yang Byeongyeol

His father, whom Chayeol had lived with after his parents’ divorce, died when he was in elementary school. Chayeol was then adopted by his uncle Ingyu. Inha Fashion was founded by Inha, Ingyu’s older brother and Chayeol’s father. Ingyu wants Chayeol to eventually take over the company. Chayeol, however, is aware of the animosity his aunt (now mother) and cousin Seonguk (now older brother) harbors against him and chooses to live in Seonguk’s shadow. Nevertheless, Chayeol ends up working at his father’s company against his will. There, he meets Donghui, who seems to be hiding a lot of emotional pain, and he vows protect her. It turns out, however, that Donghui is someone Chayeol cannot dare love.

-Baek Seungju (Age 32, Head of Inha Fashion’s design & marketing team)/ CAST. Cha Minjee

She is an unbiased supervisor as the head of Inha Fashion’s design & marketing team. After meeting Chayeol on her first blind date in college, she never loved another man. Chayeol, however, only thought of her as a good friend. Seven years later, Seungju, now a successful professional, reconnects with Chayeol. But insignificant Donghui stands in the way of her happy ever after with Chayeol. Is that why? Seungju even plays dirty to drive Donghui away. Unbeknownst to Seungju and Donghui, they actually share a connection that precedes Inha Fashion.

-Kang Seonguk (Age 34; Elder son of Kang Ingyu, CEO of Inha Fashion; Executive director of Inha Fashion)/ CAST. Lee Sikang

Chayeol is to Mozart as Seonguk is to Salieri. Chayeol was pacing himself to avoid outshining Seonguk, so Seonguk saw no reason to go up against someone who had called an unspoken truce. After becoming the executive director at Inha Fashion, Seonguk recruited Seungju as the head of the design team. He is pursuing her romantically when Chayeol joins Inha and puts a wrench into things. Turns out, Seungju is in love with Chayeol. Seonguk is determined to put everything on the line to win Seungju’s love. In the meantime, Seonguk was in the car with Chayeol that was involved in the hit-and-run. What was Seonguk doing at the time?



-徐东熙(28岁,力灿妈妈,主动成为单亲妈妈,仁贺服装合同工设计师)/CAST. 南尚智

- 姜车烈(32岁,仁贺服装会长江仁奎的二儿子)/CAST. 杨秉烈

-白胜珠(32岁,仁贺服装设计营销组组长)/CAST. 车敏智

-姜成旭(34岁,仁贺服装会长姜仁奎的大儿子,仁贺服装室长)/CAST. 李时刚



-ソ・ドンヒ (28歳、ヒムチャンの母、自発的シングルマザー/“イナファッション”契約社員デザイナー) /CAST. ナム·サンジ

- カン・チャヨル (32歳、“イナファッション”代表、カン・インギュの次男) /CAST. ヤン·ビョンヨル

-ペク・スンジュ (32歳、“イナファッション”デザインマーケティング総括チーム長) /CAST. チャ·ミンジ

-カン・ソンウク (34歳、“イナファッション”代表、カン・インギュの長男。“イナファッション”の総括室長)/ CAST. イ·シガン