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It's Beautiful Now

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English Title :  
It's Beautiful Now
Korean Title :  
현재는 아름다워
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Ha Myeong-hee
Director :  
Kim Seung-geun
Cast :  
Yoon Si-yoon, Bae Da-bin, Oh Min-suk, Seo Bum-june
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70 min * 50eps



Married couple Min-ho and Gyeong-ae are worried about their three sons, who seem to have no intention of making a family. After losing his daughter when he was young, Gyeong-cheol adopted and raised Min-ho. Min-ho had always wanted to present a harmonious family to Gyeong-cheol with the return of Gyeong-cheol’s daughter Jeong-eun in the future, but with Min-ho’s three sons not even dating or thinking about marrying, Min-ho makes a deal with them. And that is an apartment! Min-ho declares that whoever brings a marriage partner first within six months will be given an apartment and the three sons desperately seek their marriage partners. Meanwhile, Mi-rae, working as a personal shopper, is introduced to the son of her favorite client. Meeting Junhyung like a fairy tale, Mi-rae even considers getting married. After much contemplation, she accepts Junhyung’s proposal to register their marriage first, saying that his mother will give them an apartment in Gangnam… But one day, she receives a call from a woman. “I’m in a common-law marriage with Junhyung. We even have a child!” Everything about Junhyung’s past was a lie. So, she decides to file a lawsuit for the annulment of marriage and meets Hyun-jae, a divorce lawyer… While proceeding with the lawsuit together through ups and downs, she develops feelings for Hyun-jae. Even her fear of marriage disappears thanks to him. Hyun-jae feels the same way as Mi-rae, so they decide to get married… But for some reason, Mi-rae’s mother, Su-jeong, opposes their marriage.

-Lee Hyun-jae (Divorce lawyer) / Cast. YOON SI-YOON
Growing up as the second of the three brothers, he put love aside and stayed busy as a divorce expert after ending his first love as a failure. But at the news that his father will give an apartment to whoever brings a woman for marriage within six months, he burns with competitiveness. And Mi-rae appears in front of him as a client. Hyunjae keeps getting attracted to Mi-rae, who is unpredictable.

-Hyun Mi-rae (Personal shopper at a department store) /Cast. BAE DA-BIN
Her favorite customer introduces her to Jun-hyung, and she even registers her marriage with him… “But there’s a woman who is in a common-law marriage with him?” Shocked that Junhyung’s past was all a lie, Mi-rae files a lawsuit for the annulment of marriage. While doing so, Mi-rae meets divorce lawyer Hyun-jae. Amidst the tossing and turning procedure of the lawsuit, she grows interested in Hyun-jae. But her trusted mother, Su-jeong, opposes their marriage.

-Lee Yun-jae (Director at YUN Dental Clinic) / Cast. OH MIN-SUK
He is living a stable life as a reputable dentist and the eldest son of the Lee family. But one day, he comes across a woman who shakes him up. Shim Haejun, a senior colleague of Yun-jae’s younger brother Hyun-jae, and the CEO of a law firm! Their relationship begins when Hae-jun visits Yun-jae’s hospital for medical treatment. Yunjae falls head over heels for Hae-jun, who actively expresses her feelings for him. But after getting married, Haejun who had always been cool about everything, just can’t let anything pass.

-Lee Su-jae (Preparing to become a 7th-grade civil servant) /Cast. SEO BUM-JUN
The youngest son, Su-jae started preparing to become a civil servant. But he fails twice, and just when he realizes that it doesn’t suit his aptitude, his father declares to give him an apartment under the condition of marriage. So Su-jae suggests a fake relationship with Yu-na, who is part-timing with him. At first, Su-jae simply thinks of selling the apartment to run a gym business, but as time goes by, he realizes that his feelings for Yu-na aren’t friendship but love.



-李贤在 (离婚纠纷专业律师) / 尹施允 饰

-玄美莱 (私人购物助理) / 裴多彬 饰

-李允在 (允牙科医院院长 ) / 吴珉锡 饰

-李秀在 (公务员备考生 兼职快递员) / 徐范俊 饰



-イ・ヒョンジェ (離婚専門弁護士) / ユン・シユン

-ヒョン・ミレ (パーソナルショッパー) / ペ・ダビン

-イ・ユンジェ(ユン歯科 院長) / オ・ミンソク

-イ・スジェ(公務員試験受験生、宅配便積み下ろしのアルバイト) / ソ・ボムジュン