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The King of Tears, Lee Bangwon


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English Title :  
The King of Tears, Lee Bangwon
Korean Title :  
태종 이방원
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
太宗 イ・バンウォン
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Lee Jeong-Woo
Director :  
Kim Hyeong-Il, Sim Jae-Hyeon
Cast :  
Joo Sang-Wook, Kim Yeong-Cheol, Park Jin-Hui, Ye Ji-Won
Production Year :  
Duration :  
50 min * 32 eps



KBS’s historical drama masterpiece, <The King of Tears, Yi Bangwon>, dealing with the defeat of Goryeo, the founding of Joseon

In 1388 A.D., Goryeo General Yi Seonggye retreated his military from Wihwa-do Island to cause political strife and seized power. At the time, in the Goryeo Dynasty, the forces of Jeong Mongju, who insisted on reforming the existing system, and the forces of Jeong Dojeon, who insisted on establishing a new system, were at odds. Yi Bangwon judges that they would all die if Jeong Mongju isn’t removed, and murders him, and then appoints Yi Seonggye as the king. That is how Joseon began in 1392. However, the strifes of princes never ends even with the new dynasty. Through such bloody struggles for 8 years, Yi Bangwon (Taejong) finally became a king. Will Yi Bangwon be able to become a king dedicated to the people as he wished?

- Yi Bangwon (The 3rd king of Joseon; Taejong) / cast. Joo Sang-wook
Yi Bangwon was the fifth son of Yi Seonggye and the most beloved child. He played the key role in establishing the new dynasty, Joseon. However, Yi Bangwon disobeys Yi Seonggye’s will in the process and is pushed out of power. To regain power and become a king, Bangwon kills his own brothers and drives his father out of power. He suffers from guilt seeing his brothers cry and beg for their lives, and his father’s face full of anger. However, nothing could stop him from becoming a king and creating a country for the people.

- Yi Seonggye (1st king of Joseon; Taejo) /cast. Kim Young-chul
In late Goryeo, he started a coup, but Yi Seonggye gradually becomes disillusioned with political play and becomes weary. With even his son Yi Bangwon disobeying his will and removing opposing forces, Yi Seonggye becomes the first king of Joseon. After becoming king, Yi Seonggye made Bangseok, Bangwon’s half-brother into a crown prince and excluded Yi Bangwon from the political scene. However, Bangwon does not give up and kills more people, stirring up a rebellion. To prevent further sacrifice, Yi Seonggye clenches his teeth and surrenders to Bangwon, but his anger toward Bangwon grows bigger…

- Queen Wongyeong of the Min clan (Yi Bangwon’s wife)/ cast. Park Jin-hee
After being freed from giving birth after having three sons, Min demonstrates her latent political power and raises Yi Bangwon, who had been pushed out of power as his wife. After Yi Bangwon successfully becomes a king, she tries to participate in state affairs as a queen. However, Yi Bangwon blocks her from doing so by drawing the line, and even makes royal mistresses in order to suppress the power of his consort’s clan. Min and her four brothers growingly become dissatisfied with Yi Bangwon. A situation where yesterday’s comrades have become today’s enemy! How will their fight unfold?

- Queen Sindeok of the Kang clan (Yi Seonggye’s second wife and Yi Bangwon’s stepmother) / cast. Ye Ji-won
After Yi Seonggye becomes king and she becomes the first queen of Joseon, she changes her attitude in an instant. She manipulates Yi Seonggye, exerts pressure on the ministers, strives to make her own son, Bangseok a crown prince, and ensures that Yi Bangwon is thoroughly excluded.



公元1388年,高丽将军李成桂在威化岛发动军事政变,并掌握了政权。(威化岛回军,Wihwado Retreat )当时,高丽朝廷中的两股势力争锋相对,一方是主张体制改革的郑梦周,另一方则是主张建立新体制的郑道传。李成桂的儿子李芳远为了在这种对决格局中生存下来,刺杀了郑梦周,拥立李成桂为王。于是1392年,朝鲜王朝成立,但在新的王朝,斗争却仍在持续。八年后,芳远在与兄弟们的血战中获胜,最终登上王位。究竟,芳远会像自己希望的那样成为“百姓的王”吗?



-元敬王后闵氏(李芳远之妻) Cast.朴珍熙



高麗の滅亡と朝鮮の建国。大河時代劇「太宗 イ・バンウォン」

西暦1388年、高麗の将軍李成桂(イ・ソンゲ)は威化島から軍隊を帰還させ、政変を起こし権力を掌握した(威化島回軍、Wihwado Retreat)。当時、高麗朝廷では、従来の体制の改革を主張する鄭夢周(チョン・モンジュ)勢力と、新たな体制の樹立を主張する鄭道傳(チョン・ドジョン)勢力が激しく対立していた。李成桂の息子、李芳遠(イ・バンウォン)はこうした対立構造の中、生き残るために鄭夢周を殺害し、李成桂を王として擁立した。1392年、朝鮮王朝はこうして始まった。しかし新しい王朝でも争いは続いた。8年後、芳遠は兄弟たちとの血なまぐさい争いに勝ち、ついに王位に就く。果たして芳遠は、彼自身が望んでいたような“民のための王”となれるだろうか?

- 李芳遠(イ・バンウォン)(朝鮮の第三代国王、太宗) キャスト:チュ・サンウク

- 李成桂(イ・ソンゲ) (朝鮮の初代国王、太祖) キャスト:キム・ヨンチョル

- 元敬(ウォンギョン)王后 閔(ミン)氏 (イ・バンウォンの妻) キャスト:パク・ジニ

- 神徳(シンドク)王后 康(カン)氏 (イ・ソンゲの2番目の妻、バンウォンの継母) キャスト:イェ・ジウォン