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Love Twist


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English Title :  
Love Twist
Korean Title :  
사랑의 꽈배기
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Lee Eun-Joo
Director :  
Kim Won-Yong
Cast :  
Hahm Eun-Jung, Kim Jin-Yeop, Son Sung-Yoon, Jang Se-Hyun
Production Year :  
Duration :  
40 min * 103 eps



A story of a family whose love and life is overly twisted and messed up due to lie

Two friends, who become enemies later, have a daughter named Oh Sori and a son named Haru. Sori and Haru have developed feelings for each other since childhood and Sori even gave up her family business for the sake of the future with Haru. One day, however, it turns out that Sori’s father, Kwangnam, and Haru’s mom, Heeok have an affair. Although Okhee(Sori’s mom) feels betrayed by her friend, Heeok, not even the sky can split Sori and Haru apart. So, they decide to leave for the US together. However, a day before departure, Sori finds out that her father, Kwangnam is the biological father of Haru.

-Oh Sori (CEO of Kkwabaegi, Director of the Strategy Division at Dongbang) CAST. Hahm Eun-jung
With the opening of the online shopping mall “Kkwabaegi,” she finally becomes a couple with Haru, whom she had a crush on. But her father Kwangnam gets into an affair with Haru’s mother. To make this worse, it turns out that Haru is the biological son of her father. Afraid that Haru’s life might be ruined, Sori hides this and marries Kyungjoon and gives birth to Haru’s child… Haru who had left in betrayal returns after five years to seek revenge on her. In order to protect Dongbang and her son, Sori fights against Haru. And in the process of doing so, Sori is confronted with the twisted truth that Haru is not the biological son of her father Kwangnam and Kyungjoon who was seemingly devoted to her is actually running two families.

-Park Haru (CEO of Cats, an investment company) CAST. Kim Jin-yeop
Abandoned by his single mother, Heeok, he was raised with Sori. And he grows emotions that are more than just friends for Sori. The two of them discover their feelings for each other as they open “Kkwabaegi.” But feeling betrayed after finding out that his biological mother and Sori’s father are having an affair and that Sori is pregnant with Kyungjoon’s child, he leaves for the States in shambles… Five years later, Haru returns as a successful young man. He tries to destroy Dongbang to seek revenge on Sori and his biological mother, Heeok.

-Kang Yoona (Employee of Kkwabaegi) CAST. Son Sung-yoon
Since high school, she was head over heels for Park Haru. Therefore, she was love rivals with Sori. And when Haru returns from the States in five years, she approaches him without haste and even gets an engagement. Although her dreams have finally come true, she is unhappy as she knows that Haru only has Sori in his heart…

-Jo Kyungjoon (Director of Marketing at Dongbang) CAST. JANG SE-HYUN
Though he knows that Haru isn’t the biological son of Kwangnam, as a means to achieve his ambitions to become the son-in-law of Dongbang, he hides this fact. However, five years after successfully marrying Sori, Dohee, a woman that he met before comes to him with Wonbyeol who resembles him. Drawn to his own child, Wonbyeol, more than Sori’s son, Hanbyeol, Kyungjoon gets himself into a risky double life.




-吴素利(“麻花”CEO,“东方”股份公司战略本部长| 咸\'王恩\'晶 )

-朴河路(投资公司“猫”代表| 金镇烨 )






-オ・ソリ (“クァベギ”CEO、株式会社“トンバン”戦略本部長 /ハム・ウンジョン)

-パク・ハル (投資会社“キャッツ”代表 /キム・ジニョプ)

-カン・ユナ (“クァベギ”社員 /ソン・ソンユン)

-チョ・ギョンジュン (株式会社“トンバン”マーケティング本部長 /チャン・セヒョン)