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The All-Round Wife


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English Title :  
The All-Round Wife
Korean Title :  
국가대표 와이프
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Kim Ji-wan
Director :  
Choi ji-young
Cast :  
Han Da-gam, Han Sang-jin, Keum Bo-ra, Shim Ji-ho, Choi Bo-min
Production Year :  
Duration :  
30 min * 120 eps



Why is it so hard to own an apartment across the river? Chohee manages to marry Namgu despite his very rich parents’ strong disapproval and finally moves to Gangnam. But only a short while later, her in-laws fall into ruin, having to pay off the loan on their bankrupt business. Her father-in-law passes away not long after, so Chohee becomes the family’s breadwinner in lieu of her husband, who is a PhD student. Chohee’s only dream is to return to Gangnam. But realizing that dream is anything but easy.

Chohee makes the terrible mistake of trusting her husband and selling the small apartment in Gangnam she had scrimped and saved for and gotten a mortgage to get. Seondeok, her mother-in-law, gets a loan in Namgu’s name and loses it all in an illegal pyramid scheme. Seondeok gets a job as a housekeeper and then announces her plan to remarry her employer, a business tycoon. Chohee thinks she has finally struck gold with her new rich father-in-law but finds out that her husband is having an affair. And because of the family tension, Chohee’s daughter develops an anxiety disorder. Once her everyday life falls into disarray, it finally hits Chohee. What’s so great about owning a home in Gangnam? Will returning to Gangnam really bring her happiness?

- Seo Chohee (Age 38, Ad agency account executive) Cast. Han Dagam
Adorable materialist. Queen of petty tricks. After her in-laws go belly up, she becomes the family’s begrudging breadwinner. She takes care of her financially dependent in-laws while also working tirelessly to return to Gangnam. But her husband, whom she trusted, has an affair. And due to the family tension, her daughter develops an anxiety disorder. Will Chohee manage to return to Gangnam? Will her family find happiness?

- Na Seondeok (Age 65, Seo Chohee’s mother-in-law) Cast. Geum Bora
Just ten years ago, she was the pampered wife of a business magnate. But her husband passes away, and she squanders her son’s money. She applies for a housekeeping position to avoid having to tiptoe around her daughter-in-law. But as if by fate, she falls in love with her employer, a business tycoon. It looks like she may regain her former life of elegance and luxury.

- Kang Namgu (Age 41, Seo Chohee’s husband, Assistant professor at Hangang University) Cast. Han Sangjin
Idealist with no sense of reality from Seoul’s top school district. He grew up without a care thanks to his doting mother and easily got tenure thanks to his devoted wife. Although his family can’t make ends meet without Chohee’s pay and oversight, he grows tired of his materialistic wife’s obsession with Gangnam. Then one day, a smiling café waitress steals his heart, bringing about his midlife crisis.

- Seo Kangrim (Age 37, Seo Chohee’s younger brother, divorce lawyer) Cast. Shim Jiho
Genius with zero empathy. After being played by his first love, to whom he had offered his heart with great difficulty, Kangrim turns into a cold-hearted unbeliever of love. But all that changes after he meets Seulah. What he wanted to believe was pity turns into love, and all Kangrim wants to do is protect her and make her happy.

- Han Seulah (Age 24, College student, Single mom) Cast. Jung Bomin
Despite how difficult her life has been, she is sincere and untainted. Even though she is a divorcee, she is proudly attending college. She finds herself in a bind when her ex-husband shows up at school, but Kangrim comes to her rescue. Kangrim seemed cold at first, but she opens her heart to him as he comes to her aid time and again and vows to keep her and her child safe. Will she get to marry Kangrim despite his mother’s disapproval?




- 徐草熙 (38岁, 广告公司AE) / 韩多感 饰演

- 罗善德 (65岁, 徐草熙的婆婆) / 秦宝拉 饰演

- 徐江林 (37岁, 徐草熙的弟弟,离婚诉讼律师) / 沈智浩 饰演

- 韩涩雅 (24岁, 大学生,离异后的单身妈妈) / 郑普闵 饰演




- ソ・チョヒ(38歳、広告会社 AE) キャスト: ハン・ダガム

- ナ・ソンドク(65歳、ソ・チョヒの姑) キャスト: クム・ボラ

- カン・ナムグ(41歳、ソ・チョヒの夫、ハンガン大学の助教授) キャスト: ハン・サンジン

- ソ・ガンリム(37歳、ソ・チョヒの弟、離婚専門弁護士) キャスト: シム・ジホ

- ハン・スラ(24歳、大学生、バツイチのシングルマザー) キャスト: チョン・ボミン