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Young Lady and Gentleman

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English Title :  
Young Lady and Gentleman
Korean Title :  
신사와 아가씨
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Kim Sa-kyung
Director :  
Shin Chang-seok
Cast :  
Ji Hyun-woo, Lee Se-hee, Cha Hwa-yeon, Yoon Jin-yi, Park Ha-na
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70 min * 52eps



Although she was born in a poor family, Dan-dan had always tried to live her life to the fullest. To her, her stepbrother, who’s ignorant of the world, and her mother and father, who are always on her brother’s side, were nothing more than obstacles. Unable to bear it any longer, Dan-dan eventually leaves the house and works as a resident tutor in Young-guk’s house per her professor’s introduction. However, her father, Sucheol, had been hired as a resident driver and is living in the backhouse of Young-guk’s place. On top of that, her mother Yeonsil is secretly living there as well. While being constantly anxious about being busted, the more time she spends with the kids and their father, Young-guk, the more she falls for him.

Butler Jo Sara, who practically runs the house, is not pleased with how close Dan-dan and Young-guk are getting. In fact, Sara had her eyes on Young-guk for quite some time now. One day, Sara learns that Dan-dan is Sucheol and Yeonsil’s daughter and suspects that the family has been planning a fraud. Sara informs Young-guk about it, but Sara gets let go. Meanwhile, Young-guk goes on a hike to clear his head and goes missing… He’s found a few days later, but all his memories since he was 22 are gone.

- Lee Young-guk (CEO of Food Story) Cast. Ji Hyunwoo
When his wife, Young-ae, passed away a year ago, he was utterly bereft that he failed to take care of his three children. It was Dan-dan who made him realize that children also have feelings and thoughts. From that moment on, his heart slowly beats for her, and he starts leaning on her, who’s 14 years his junior. Meanwhile, Young-guk loses all the memories since he was 22. And Sara quietly approaches him and tells him that they had actually been an item on the down-low. But strangely, Young-guk finds himself more attracted to Dan-dan.

- Park Dan-dan (Young-guk’s resident tutor) Cast. Lee Sehee
She’s a girl with a bright and honest personality. Just 100 days after Dan-dan was born, her father Sucheol got married to Yeonsil, which made her son, Daebeom, her older stepbrother. But they are no help to her. She leaves her home and takes a job as a resident tutor in Young-guk’s house. Empathizing with the pain of losing a mother and helping them improve their relationship with their father, Young-guk, Dan-dan became a good friend for the children. But for some reason, her eyes are drawn to Young-guk, who smiles happily with his kids…

- Jo Sara (Young-guk’s butler) Cast. Park Hana
When Young-guk’s wife died, she had no doubts that she would become the lady of the house one day. But it seems like she’s getting nowhere with Young-guk, and she realizes that he’s eyes are on Dan-dan, the newly-hired resident tutor. Sara insists that Young-guk fire Dan-dan and forbid her from ever coming back, but it is Sara who gets fired.

- Cha Geon (Dan-dan’s Uncle) Cast. Kang Euntak
He is Dan-dan’s uncle. Though he once dreamt of becoming a soccer player, things didn’t really work out as he wanted. He’s the world’s best son to his mom and boasts handsome looks, but he’s also a troublemaker who blew money away for his businesses. Then one day, he meets Sara and falls in love.




-李永国(“美食故事”总经理)/ 智铉寓 饰演

-朴丹丹(永国家的住家教师)/ 李世熙 饰演

-赵思罗(永国家的管家)/ 朴荷娜 饰演

-车健(丹丹的舅舅)/ 姜恩卓 饰演




- イ・ヨングク(“フードストーリー”社長) キャスト:チ・ヒョヌ

- パク・ダンダン(ヨングク家の住み込み家庭教師) キャスト:イ・セヒ

- チョ・サラ(ヨングク家の執事) キャスト:パク・ハナ

- チャ・ゴン(ダンダンの叔父) キャスト:カン・ウンタク