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Dali & Cocky Prince


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English Title :  
Dali & Cocky Prince
Korean Title :  
달리와 감자탕
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Romantic Comedy
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Son Eun-hye, Park Sae-eun
Director :  
Lee Jeong-seob
Cast :  
Kim Min-jae, Park kyu-yeong, Kwon Yul, Yeon Woo
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70 min * 16 eps



Price was never a concern for Dali, who was born rich. However, in an overnight, she is left with nothing due to her father's sudden death and bankruptcy. In front of Dali, who is struggling to save the museum that her father wanted to protect until the end, a man shows up, demanding her to pay off a debt of $2,000,000. And that man is Muhak, whom she mistakenly believed to be a big hand in the art world while she was working as a researcher in the Netherlands.

She had never imagined such a reunion. Muhak, whose life revolves around money, can't understand Dali's determination to shoulder the debt and protect the museum even when giving up on her inheritance will set her free. But after learning about her misfortune, instead of getting the money he lent to Dali's father, Nakcheon, he yells out, "I'll pay back that stupid money!" and joins her in running the art museum, which he had absolutely no interest in. The story of a man and a woman who met at an art museum that's about to go out of business! <Dali and Cocky Prince>

- Jin Muhak (Managing Director of DonDon F&B) Cast. Kim Minjae
There's not a job he hadn't tried since he was young. He's a born businessman and has an instinct to always sniff out money. When Nakcheon, whom he met through his brother's introduction and lent money to, dies, he rushes to the art museum, worrying about not getting his money back. And there, he meets Dali, who had been waiting anxiously. Even after pressuring her to pay back $2,000,000, he learns about her misfortune and decides to take part in operating the museum. Whenever he stands in front of Dali, he's ashamed of his ignorance and wishes of becoming a better person...

- Kim Dali (Director of ChungSong Art Museum) Cast. Park Gyuyoung
Dali, the only daughter of a classy and reputable ChungSong Family, has never worried about money in her life. But one day, she has nowhere to go due to her father's sudden death and bankruptcy, and that's when she meets Muhak. At first, he, a firm believer in cost-effectiveness, was a shock to Dali, but his perspective, which is completely different from her own, helps the museum escape the crisis. Although she never admits it, she's drawn to Muhak's meticulousness and audacity...

- Jang Taejin (General Manager of Segi Group) Cast. Kwon Yul
He is Dali's first love. If you describe everything opposite to Muhak, that's Taejin. He helps Dali in every way possible, but there's strong elitism behind his gentlemanly manners and kind smile. Three years ago, he didn't marry Dali and left her with indelible wounds. He dreams of getting back together with her, but he finds himself at a crossroads when his company gets involved in the redevelopment of Dali's art museum.

- Joo Wontak (Detective) Cast. Hwang Hee
He was an orphan who Dali's father, Nakcheon, sponsored. Now, he's a detective working in the violent crimes unit, but whenever he stands in front of Dali, he turns into a softy. He had a crush on Dali for a long time but always thought she was out of reach. But when Dali, whom he believed would never need his help, faces financial difficulty, he sacrifices himself to help her, who doesn't know anything about the world. In the meantime, he raises some doubts about the death of Dali's father, Nakcheon.



-陈武学(DonDonF&B常务)/金珉才 饰演

- 金达利(青松美术馆馆长)/朴圭瑛 饰演
一辈子养尊处优的达利是享有名望的青松美术馆馆长的独生女。因父亲的突然离世和破产,达利一夜之间陷入无家可归的绝境。但就在这时候,达利与武学不期而遇。后来武学与自己截然不同的观点使美术馆躲过了危机, 曾经那个凡事都讲求性价比的武学让达利惊叹不已,达利一边嘴上否认,一边却逐渐被武学的细心和大胆吸引……

- 张泰镇(世纪集团室长)/权律 饰演

- 朱元卓(刑警)/ 黄熙 饰演




- チン・ムハク(ドンドンF&B常務) キャスト:キム・ミンジェ

- キム・ダリ(チョンソン美術館 館長) キャスト:パク・ギュヨン

- チャン・テジン(セギグループ 室長) キャスト:クォン・ユル

- チュ・ウォンタク(刑事) キャスト:ファンヒ