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Dali & Cocky Prince


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English Title :  
Dali & Cocky Prince
Korean Title :  
달리와 감자탕
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Romantic Comedy
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Son Eun-hye, Park Sae-eun
Director :  
Lee Jeong-seob
Cast :  
Kim Min-jae, Park kyu-yeong, Kwon Yul, Yeon Woo
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70 min * 16 eps



< Dali & Cocky Prince> is a romance comedy mini-series. The story is about a romance of smart but poor girl Dali and a rich but ignorant guy MuHak. The main character Dali has lots of knowledge and sense of art but she has become very poor girl as her family which was super rich just got bankrupted. As her father’s last will was to save the art gallery he owns, Dali struggles to save it.
But the creditor MuHak comes to the art gallery and starts to make mess telling her to give his money back. There was nothing Dali can do but after MuHak hears her desperate situation, he decides to help her instead. So he starts to take care of the art gallery together with Dali.
However, as MuHak has no artistic knowledge, he only cares about the money not artist value of the arts. So he is like “you are paying millions for this scrap metals and colored papers?” But, with Dali, he starts to learn the true beauty of arts and learn that in the world there is something more valuable than money which is Love.

-Jin MuHak /cast. Kim Min-jae
“A chosen life? It is all bullshit”
He is the second son of DonDon F&B’a global food franchise which has over
400 chain stores which started with a small meat-soup restaurant that doesn’t
even have a proper name sign.
Just by looking at the pigs look and a taste of piece of a meat, he can tell what this pig’s kind is and he knows every thing about the taste and location of pig’s meat.
However, he doesn’t know the difference between India and Indonesia,
He knows Gandhi as the capital city of India and thinks KGB as a chicken
franchise like KFC.
He has no knowledge, no common sense and no education but he is never be a shamed of it.
Rather, he is proud of his speaking skills, sales skills and a sense of business.
He calculates every thing by how many meat-soup it is. If someone brags about what they have or what they know, he says ‘you are such a know it all’ their face.
As his parents had no backgrounds and lack of knowledge, survival was the only thing that mattered rather than education. Even before he enter the elementary school, he did delivery, servings, kitchen and everything so he learned about business just naturally. He is a natural born sales man which make money and who is useful.

-Kim Dali /cast. Park kyu-yeong
“A chosen life! Top 1% of Korea”
They once said that if they are not get invited to her house party, they are not high-class. She is the only daughter of THE reputable ChungSong family. She is always full of elegance and manners and her looks were always full of grace and richness.
When she treat people, she never discriminates and always thoughtful. This kind girl is also has interest in studying so she graduated in the best university of Korea and got her doctorate at Japan’s best college and she is now working as a researcher in Netherland’s art gallery. She also has a great knowledge for history, philosophy and religions and she is able to speak 7 languages.
But as her father’s sudden death, she has become a very poor girl over a night.
Even if she could speak 7 languages and have doctorate, she couldn’t take care of a meal without help of housemaid. When it comes to a daily life, she knew nothing.
Her father taught her how to face the world, how to treat people, table manners and other many things but he didn’t teach her how not to be ripped off in secondhand deals, how to survive a week just with 10 dollars and especially, he didn’t teach how the world without him is like.
For this unexpected misfortune, she faces a cold world.
But with her strong self-esteem and ability found specialty in very normal things she adjusts herself to the situation and starts to change to save family’s art gallery.

-Jang TaeJin/cast. Kwon Yul
“Dali’s First Love! Top 0.00001% of Korea”
He is very opposite of MuHak.
He has done very much of studying and has a deep understanding of arts.
Many people thought him and Dali would get married as Dali graduates her college but he suddenly got married with other girl in another rich family and just went to study abroad. There were many gossips about the break of this engagement but no one knew what happened.
As he felt guilty about that he couldn’t help anything about Dali’s tragedy, he sponsor’s Dali’s gallery and become Dali’s Daddy Long Legs.
But behind his kind smiles and gentle manners, lies an elitism that he thinks he is the special being and he never allows any hetero beings added to the world he is living in. So there always coldness in his manners.
3 years ago, he has broke Dali’s heart and he was very helpless and weak.
He has now established strong position in his company and it’s totally different situation now.
He now thinks that he can protect the one he love and slowly come close to Dali and wishes to get together with her again

-Ahn ChakHee/ cast. Yeon Woo
“She has Power but little bit lack of Money”
Her dream is to be the member of rich family and run a art gallery but she is just a
daughter of a second term congressman which is not good enough to rich family.
As she tries to open the door to the higher class with her gifted looks and a fancy job of gallerist of art gallery which his father made place but it’s not that easy.
She has met MuHak few years ago through a blind date but they have agreed that each other is not their types but as they are on same wavelength they decides to be a good friends.
But how can a grown man and woman be just friends? As MuHak is quite a good man except for the fact that he is not so educated, ChakHee decides to put him in her FriendZone.
Every time she gets scolded by her father or gets stressed by rude customers, MuHak always came for her and be at her side. MuHak never tried to accuse who is right or wrong but he was just there for ChakHee’s so she could be who she really is in front of MuHak.
When she saw that MuHak and Dali enters a hotel together, she realized that she actually likes MuHak…