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Red Shoes


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English Title :  
Red Shoes
Korean Title :  
빨강 구두
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Hwang Sun-yeong
Director :  
Park Ki-hyeon
Cast :  
Choi Myeong-gil, So I-hyeon, Park Yun-jae, Sin Jeong-yun
Production Year :  
Duration :  
40 min * 100 eps



To young Jina, her mother is nothing more than a person who betrayed her father and abandoned her and her younger brother because of first love. Since then, Jina has forgotten about her mother and lived with a dream of becoming a fashion designer. Then one day, her brother gets into an accident, and when he says he misses their mother, Jina finally visits her mom. Heekyeong, who has been on a roll with her booming shoe company <Laura>, however, denies knowing Jina and kicks her out of the building. To make matters worse, Jina comes upon an advertisement by <Laura> that plagiarized her own design. Determined to take revenge on her, Jina changes her name to “Gemma.” She helps Mrs. Choi, a big fish in the underground lending industry, from an accident and uses that as an excuse to enter her house as her butler and secretary. Soon, Gemma finds herself attracted to Mrs. Choi’s eldest grandson Giseok. But when she finds out that Hyebin, Heekyeong’s daughter and her step-sister, is engaged to Giseok’s younger brother Hyeonseok, she pushes away Giseok and seduces Hyeonseok to get revenge on Heekyeong. With the help of Mrs. Choi, she joins <Laura> with Hyeonseok and starts her revenge by digging into Heekyeong’s corruption and weakness.

- Kim Jina (Gemma) (cast. So Ehyun)
She’s smart and shrewd. She has one goal in life which is getting revenge on her mother, who betrayed her father and abandoned her and her brother in pursuit of her dream. Learning that her mother is involved in her father’s death, she seduces Hyeonseok, the fiancé of her step-sister, Hyebin, and eventually marries him. Abandoning her name Jina, she approaches her mother, Min Heekyeong, as “Gemma” to get her revenge.

- Min Heekyeong (cast. Choi Myunggil)
Around the time she got fed up with being a mother and a wife, her first love Hyeoksang walked into her life again as a successful businessman. Eventually, Heekyeong deserts her family and chooses Hyeoksang to pursue success. She launched her own shoe company <Laura>, but she is caught in the trap of desire and commits all kinds of illegal and evil acts. She even tries to marry her daughter off to the grandson of Mrs. Choi, a big fish in the underground lending industry, but a woman named Gemma keeps standing in the way of her plans. “But wait, Gemma is my daughter?”

- Yoon Giseok (cast. Park Yoonjae)
Due to the pain left by his wife’s betrayal in the past, he lives with the belief that “there is no love in this world.” And one day, Jina shows up in front of him. However, the more Jina approaches him, the more he freezes with the old pain that still lives inside him. While trying to figure out a way, he loses Jina to his younger brother Hyeonseok, but he learns that the real reason Jina is trying to marry Hyeonseok is for her revenge.

- Yoon Hyeonseok (cast. Shin Jungyoon)
He’s the second grandson of Mrs. Choi and Giseok’s younger brother. When Hyebin fell in love with him, he promises to marry her without giving it much thought. However, he can’t take his eyes off of Jina, who approaches him with full of passion, and he eventually abandons Hyebin and chooses Jina. But when he realizes that he was only used, he gets furious.



- 金珍儿(珍玛)(苏怡贤 饰演)

- 闵希庆(崔明吉 饰演)

-尹基硕(朴允载 饰演)

-尹玄硕(申正允 饰演)



- キム・ジナ(ジェンマ) (キャスト:ソ・イヒョン)

- ミン・ヒギョン (キャスト:チェ・ミョンギル)

- ユン・ギソク (キャスト:パク・ユンジェ)

- ユン・ヒョンソク (キャスト:シン・ジョンユン)