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Sell Your Haunted House


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English Title :  
Sell Your Haunted House
Korean Title :  
대박 부동산
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Ha Su-jin, Lee Yeong-hwa, Jeong Yeon-seo
Director :  
Park Jin-seok, Lee Ung-hui
Cast :  
Jang Na-ra, Jeong Yong-hwa, Kang Hong-seok, Kang Mal-geum
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70 min * 16 eps



Young Jia inherited her ability to exorcise ghosts from her mother, who was her only family, a teacher, and a friend. However, Jia’s mother suddenly passed away before she could see Jia grow up to become a proper exorcist. Jia’s mother had turned into a ghost because of a mysterious accident 20 years ago that was caused by a client who came with a child. In order to help her mother pass into the afterlife, Jia runs Daebak Real Estate as she searches for a strong medium for her mom.

Then one day, Jia comes across a strangely special medium, Inbeom. Unaware that he himself is a medium, Inbeom has been living as a fearless con artist posing as an exorcist. But the truth is he actually has the ability to take on a ghost’s painful memories in place of Jia. Inbeom comforts Jia by sympathizing with her pain that she had been enduring by herself. Inbeom grows on Jia in time. Just as Inbeom gradually starts to feel the same as her, Jia discovers that a boy, with whom the client visited her mom 20 years ago, was Inbeom, and Jia is devastated.

- Hong Jia (Owner of Daebak Real Estate / cast. Jang Nara)
To help her mother’s spirit pass into the afterlife, Jia is in search of a strong medium. As if by fate, a special medium and a con artist, Oh Inbeom appears in front of her. Constantly at odds with each other, they enter into a temporary business partnership, and Jia’s career as an exorcist slowly starts to run into problems. But at the same time, as Inbeom shares the pain she had to endure by herself, Jia’s firmly shut heart gradually starts to open up.

- Oh Inbeom (Con artist, Medium / cast. Jung Yonghwa)
Handsome, observant, and analytical, Inbeom has all of the optimal requirements to be a con artist. One day, after a string of successful scams, while posing as an exorcist, he runs into Jia, who is an actual exorcist. While they may appear to constantly bicker, Inbeom slowly starts to develop feelings for Jia. Because he knows that Jia has a lot of sympathy for ghosts’ unjust situation and is warmhearted, even though she pretends that she’s not like that.

- Heo Jicheol (Hacker / cast. Kang Hongseok)
Jicheol used to work on the cybersecurity team for a major company. He was fired after being caught stealing a small amount of money by hacking. Enraged at his landlord, who made matters worse by raising his rent, Jicheol was in the midst of creating a hologram ghost for his landlord to be in trouble when he meets Inbeom. Inbeom treats Jicheol as an equal partner. But Jicheol is tricked by Do Hakseong into betraying his only friend, Inbeom.

- Ju Hwajeong (Manager / cast. Kang Malgeum)
The affable, smart, and professional Hwajeong was the perfect daughter growing up. When she was in high school, she was convicted and sentenced to prison for murdering her infant. But it was an accident. The only person who believed Hwajeong when she said she didn’t kill the child was Jia’s mother, who gave her strength and encouragement. When Jia suddenly contacts her and asks for help, Hwajeong drops everything and goes to Jia without hesitation.




- 洪知雅(大发不动产老板/CAST.张娜拉)

- 吴寅范(骗子,灵媒/CAST.郑容和)

- 许志哲 (黑客/CAST.姜洪锡)

- 朱和贞 (事务长/CAST. 姜末琴)
亲切开朗、头脑明晰的“妈朋儿”和贞, 在高中时期曾因“杀害自己婴儿”嫌疑有过服刑经历,唯一相信自己没有杀害婴儿的人就是知雅的母亲洪美真,那时在知雅母亲的鼓励她才得以振作起来。当知雅突然联系和贞并向她求援时,她不顾一切、毫不犹豫地跑来相助。




- ホン・ジア(テバク不動産社長/ キャスト:チャン・ナラ)

- オ・インボム (詐欺師、霊媒/ キャスト:チョン・ヨンファ)

- ホ・ジチョル (ハッカー/ キャスト:カン・ホンソク)

- チュ・ファジョン (事務長/ キャスト:カン・マルグム)