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Revolutionary Sisters

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English Title :  
Revolutionary Sisters
Korean Title :  
오케이 광자매
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
オーケー グァン姉妹
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Moon Yeong-nam
Director :  
Lee Jin-seo
Cast :  
Yun Ju-sang, Hong Eun-hui, Jeon Hye-bin, Ko Won-hui, Kim Gyeon-nam, Choi dae-cheol
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min (35min) * 50eps (100eps)



Chul-soo had pride in himself for devoting his whole life to his family. However, what was left with him at the end of 40 years of marriage is a divorce suit. Three daughters, even though he thought they would be sitting on his side, also asked him to divorce their mom. While feeling so betrayed and shocked, he heard his wife was killed out of the blue. But what stroke him most was that his wife was with a man with whom she’d had an affair at the accident site. To hide this truth from his daughters, he made haste for her funeral. However, the detective found out that the cause of her death was not a mere accident, but rather a deliberate murder. As soon as the rest of the family got to know this, they all suspected Chul-soo.

A year passed while the murder case has still remained unsolved. Not to mention, Chul-soo and his family also have fallen apart. The first daughter of Chul-soo, Gwang-nam got married to a lawyer, only to find out that her husband has an illegitimate child with his mistress later. His second daughter, Gwang-sik broke her engagement and went abroad after the loss of her mother. Later when she flights back to Korea, she starts to live with her aunt, while running a small restaurant. The youngest daughter, Gwang-tae is just a baby, spending money like water. She wants to marry a rich guy, dreaming of turning their lives around.

Then, one day, a man appears, who comes to report that he witnessed the suspect at the scene of mom’s accident. The tension builds in Chul-soo’s family again.

-LEE CHUL-SOO /cast. Yun Ju-sang

A man of ethics, but he is humorous at the same time. He dropped out of college and used to work as a construction worker. Now, he’s a plumber after his retirement. He’s always in conflict with his daughters.

LEE GWANG-NAM /cast. Hong Eun-hui

The first daughter of Chul-soo, who feels the pressure of the eldest.
She is rather selfish and self-confident. She grew up in the unconditional love of her mother. Later, she got married to a lawyer but she insists on being DINKs.
She has a hatred against her father who gave her mom such a hard time.

-LEE GWANG-SIK /cast. Jeon Hye-bin

The second daughter of Chul-soo. Having worked as a civil servant, now she runs a restaurant. The lack of love from her parents got her to make a bad decision.
But she wisely overcomes, and she’s highly considerate, thoughtful, and humorous.
She is a daughter whom Chul-soo counts on most. Later, she falls in love with Ye-sul, but that love is unobtainable.

-LEE GWANG-TAE /cast. Ko Won-hui

The third daughter of Chul-soo, being a nobody among family rather than being loved as the youngest in the family.
She has never had a regular job since her college graduation. She’s always working as a part-timer and pours money into whatever she wants.
She’s good at every sport. Also, she has always been a popular girl.

-BAE BYUN-HO /cast. Choi dae-cheol

A husband of Gwang-nam and a power lawyer. He’s indecisive and naïve, which gives people around him a hard time. He has no children as Gwang-nam wishes, but he always wants to have children, deep inside of him.

-HUH KI-JIN /cast. Seol Jung-hwan

He’s very bright and positive. But deep down inside of him, he’s always been lonely. ven though he grew up as an orphan, he lives a wealthy life and goes abroad to study thanks to his brother’s support. He’s in trouble with his brother sometimes, but he truly admires his brother. Later, he meets an unusual woman, Gwang-tae.

-HAN YE-SUL /cast. Kim Gyeon-nam

Dreaming of becoming a rock star, He dropped out of school and came to Seoul, only to become a trot singer later. Like his father, he’s very determined. But he’s also thoughtful, emotional and humorous.
He falls in love at first sight with Gwang-sik, but their love faces lots of hardships.



-李哲洙 / 尹周相

-李光男 / 洪银姬

-李光植 / 全慧彬

-李光泰 / 高媛熙



家族のために献身的に生きてきたと自負しているチョルス。しかし40年の結婚生活の末、離婚の訴状をつきつけられ、娘たちからも母親と離婚してほしいと頼まれ、強く裏切られた気 持ちになる。そんな中、チョルスのもとに妻が浮気相手と一緒に交通事故で死亡したという知らせが届く。刑事から彼女の死は単なる交通事故ではなく殺人事件だという衝撃的な話を 聞かされ、全ての疑いの目はチョルスに向けられる。

-イ・チョルス / ユン・ジュサン

-イ・グァンナム / ホン・ウニ

-イ・グァンシク / チョン・ヘビン

-イ・グァンテ / コ・ウォニ