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English Title :  
Korean Title :  
디어 엠
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Park Jin-u, Seo Ju-wan
Director :  
Cast :  
Park Hye-soo, Jeong Jae-hyun, Bae Hyun-sung, Roh Jeong-eui
Production Year :  
Duration :  
60 min * 12 eps



Ma Ju Ah feels her heart is starting to beat for the first time in her life. She fell in love at first sight. “This is my destiny!”. The guy who she met in the shuttle bus to school on the first day of new semester even gave his handkerchief to Ma Ju Ah when she spilt water in the bus. How sweet! Ma Ju Ah who never had a boyfriend before starts her first love. She realized that he is her destiny when Moon Jun grasped her hand in a party. Now her future dream is being “The girlfriend of Moon Jun” . She wants to become a sports caster since he loves baseball. Ma Ju Ah likes him more and more every time she sees him who brings her to dream and love.

[Today, I found my first love in a photography class. My first love has an initial ‘M’ in the name]

One day, an anonymous post on a Seoyeon University online community has attracted people’s attention. Ma Ju Ah wishes that Moon Jun wrote the post for her. She wants be the protagonist of the post because Moon Jun always saves a sheet for her right next to him and he is always very supportive on her when she is in trouble. Above all things, Moon Jun kissed her! Unfortunately, However, Moon Jun brought his girlfriend in a college festival. Moon Ju Ah felt betrayed but she is disqualified for that. “Who Should I blame? I thought it was our mutual consent though!”

On the other hand, “The confession of first love” on the community, in which clues are added one by one, attracts more and more attention, and it affects not only unrequited love but also couples. While each other is suspicious and bothered, the post is an opportunity to convince each other of where their hearts are headed.

Ma Jua? Cha Min Ho? Moon Jun? Seo Ji Min? Who is the mysterious “M”?
An unexpected twist awaits them!

-Ma Ju Ah (Cast. Park Hye soo)

Age 21 | Major : Business Administration
Future Dream : Being a girlfriend of Moon Jun

“Why do I like Moon Jun so deadly? I love myself when I love him. I love this feeling for him.”

Brave & Cheerful personality. Ma Ju Ah is never interested in a romantic relationship and pursuing a dream but fell in love with a guy met in the shuttle bus to college at the beginning day of new semester. She could not help falling in love with the guy named “Moon Joon”. She realized that she started to dream to become a sports caster because Moon Joon loves baseball. But… is he just playing with me? She tells this to Cha Min Ho, a best friend of her since 12 years old because he always has been sharing everything with her.

-Cha Min Ho (Cast. Jeong Jae Hyun)

Age 21 | Major : Computer Engineering
Future Dream : App developer

“I hope you do not think of me as your family anymore Ju Ah”

Bold and cheeky but quite serious when he is hooked on something. He has a talent for developing apps with innovative ideas. 12 years ago, his parents passed away by a car accident and Ma Ju Ah’s Mother took care of him as her family so he and Ma Ju Ah have been friends for 12 years. They have lived together and considering one another as their family. He just thought Ma Ju Ah as family but when he heard that Ma Ju Ah fell in love with Moon Jun who is a good friend of Min-ho, he started feeling jealousy.

-Park Ha Neul (Cast. Bae Hyun Sung)

Age 22 | Major : Computer Engineering
Future Dream : Game developer

“I realized that I love Ji Min more than I thought.”

Man of few words and shy but a lover boy when he is with his girlfriend, Seo Ji Min. After his father passed away suddenly, his life has changed in various ways. Park Ha Neul decided to become a game developer to satisfy his mother and be a better man. Therefore, as he is living hectic life with studying, he could not spend more time with his girlfriend, Seo Ji Min. In the meantime, Seo Ji Min misunderstood a relationship between Ha Neul and Rosa and seems like she does not trust him anymore. Now, he should turn Seo Ji Min’s mind to come back to him with his the only weapon “A true heart”.

- Seo Ji Min (Cast. Roh Jeong Eui)

Age 22 | Major : Economics
Future Dream : The leader of cheering squad

“A trend setter of the campus. The celebrity couple.”

The center positon of college cheering squad. She is a good looking and strong-minded. She is a trend setter as the fact that she is an official couple with her boyfriend Park Ha Neul. Seo Ji Min is deeply in love with him but after she introduced her best friend Rosa, a member of the cheer leading squad, to him, she felt something is wrong. Seo Ji Min trusts Rosa even when she gets closer with her boyfriend Park Ha Neul. However, Rosa seems like she wants to take away Park Ha Neul from herself. Seo Ji Min is starting to distrust Rosa and even her boyfriend Park Ha Neul. Well, but she thinks that “I am the Ji Min who shines on my own despite difficulties.” That is something that Rosa can’t take away from her.