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Miss Montecristo


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English Title :  
Miss Montecristo
Korean Title :  
미스 몬테크리스토
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Jeong Hye-won
Director :  
Park Gi-ho
Cast :  
Lee So-yeon, Choi Yeo-jin, Lee Da-hae, Gyeong Seong-hwan, Lee Sang-bo
Production Year :  
Duration :  
40 min * 100 eps



“We will be together no matter what!” Hara, Se-rin, Bo-mi, and Eun-jo, these four friends mean everything to each other. For those who swore their true friendship, Eun-jo was the most selfless one among them. She’s been always a comfort to her friends and always enthusiastic about her job as a fashion designer. Then, one day, she got good news from the fashion design contest. “Did I go to the final stage of the contest?”

But at the final stage of the contest, somehow, she met Se-rin, holding Eun-jo’s portfolio on one hand there. Because Se-rin has been one of her best friends, she didn’t even ask her why. Not knowing what awaits her, she announced her marriage with Sam(San-hyuk) to her beloved friends and at the same time, she said that she got pregnant. Out of joy, she didn’t realize that these are the beginning of her tragedy.

The day before the wedding, at the bridal shower, Eun-jo didn’t feel good and realized something was wrong with the juice she had. In fact, everything was plotted by her friends she trusted more than anyone. Hara, who’s always fallen in love with Sam and Se-rin, who felt jealous of Eun-jo’s talents and had stolen her portfolio, put something in Eun-jo’s drink that causes miscarriage. They didn’t expect her to die, but Eun-jo lost consciousness and fell into the river.

At the very last moment, she managed to save her life. She remembered the betrayals of her trusted friends and was surrounded by resentment that she had never felt before. She is not who she used to be anymore. Starting a new life as Gabby, who’s the only child of Hong Kong fashion conglomerate, she begins her journey to take revenge on people who destroyed her life.

-Eun-jo(Gabby) /cast. Lee So-yeon

“My father, love, and my child… I lost everything because of you”

An enthusiastic fashion designer who always goes around the Fashion market with a bright smile on her face. She has precious friends who are irreplaceable treasures to her. However, on the bridal party celebrating the wedding of Eun-jo and Sam, Eun-jo was driven to death while pregnant by her trusted friends. She has fallen prey to Hara and Se-rin’s plot; Hara, who wanted to be the wife of Sam, and Serin, who’s always been jealous of Eun-jo for her impressive talents. Eun-jo managed to save her life and comes back as Gabby to take on her revenge on those who destroyed her life.

-Hara /cast. Choi Yeo-jin

“If it weren’t for Eun-jo, I could get hold of Sam!”

Being a rich and beautiful actress, she has to do what she wants to do and get hold of everything that she desires. Her only friends were Eun-jo, Se-rin, and Bo-mi because she’s always being condescending. However, one day, as she finds out Eun-jo has a child of Sam, who is Hara’s only love, she conspires against Eun-jo’s life. “Sam has always been on my side and he’s the only hope… How dare Eun-jo?” In order to be with Sam by taking advantage of Se-rin who also feels hatred against Eun-jo.

-Se-rin /cast. Lee Da-hae

“You’ve always been on my nerve, Eun-jo. It’s my turn to shine.”

Se-rin wanted to be a competent fashion designer, but has always felt inferior to Eun-jo because of her bright talents. She made every effort to be better than Eun-jo but it always turned out that she fell behind Eun-jo in every way. The impressive talents of Eun-jo that cannot be overcome was a painful and unacceptable truth to Se-rin. It eventually made her plagiarize Eun-jo’s work to win the contest where there is an opportunity to study abroad. Also, Hara, who noticed the truth of the contest threats Se-rin to join the conspiracy to get Eun-jo in trouble.

-Sun-kyuk(Sam) /cast. Gyeong Seong-hwan

“Gabby is not Eun-jo… But why am I doing like this?”

Sam is Eun-jo’s first love. For Sam, Eun-jo was always a comfort and happiness to his life. However, Eun-jo died in an accident at a bridal shower a day before the wedding ceremony. Sam, who had hard times then, spent the night with Hara out of despair and Hara got pregnant. Eventually, they got married to each other. Then, one day, Sam comes across a woman, Gabby who looks exactly like Eun-jo. He thought he had gotten over her, but Sam cannot stop his feelings for Gabby.

-Ha-jun /cast. Lee Sang-bo

Ha-jun is a son of Empire Group. He is supposed to get married to Se-rin, which he doesn’t intend at all. It is just a skim for the Empire Group to have better image of Ha-jun who will be the owner of the group. Then, one day, he meets a designer of the new brand team, Gabby, and she starts to grow on him.

-Bo-mi /cast. Lee Hye-ran

She is the best friend of Eun-jo. When she was having a difficult time during her childhood because of her father’s business and being bullied, Eun-jo is the only one who rooted for Bo-mi. She has been truly having Bo-mi’s back. As Eun-jo comes back as Gabby, she becomes a secret spy by working as Hara’s stylist and help her revenge.