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Cheat on Me If you Can


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English Title :  
Cheat on Me If you Can
Korean Title :  
바람피면 죽는다
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Lee Seong-min
Director :  
Kim Hyeong-seok
Cast :  
Cho Yeo-jung, Koh Jun, Kim Young-dae, Yeon-woo
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70 min * 16 eps



< Cheat on Me If You Can > is a comic mystery thriller about a novelist wife ‘Kang Yeo-ju’ who only thinks about how to kill people and her husband, a divorce lawyer ‘Han Woo-sung’ who wrote a memorandum titled "If You Cheat, You Die". They were a peaceful, loving husband and wife until found that Woo-sung, who thought to be a great husband, is actually a great playboy. Yeo-ju, as contracted, considers every possible ways of killing Woo-sung. Even making things horrible, Woo-sung’s mistress Su-jung found dead! Did Yeo-ju really did all this? A life risking mystery happening around affair!

When Yeo-ju was in her mid-school, she had to go through unhappy life because her father’s affair. So she closed her eyes, ears, and mouth and falls into the world of novels. So she became a mystery novel writer. Especially, her novel was praised for the merciless revenge on the man who cheated in her story. She one day meets a warm, kind and young lawyer Woo-sung who is praised as a ‘national husband’. Due to Woo-sung’s endless trials for win her heart, they decided to marry. However, before they marry they sign on a shocking agreement. It was agreement of signing away their life when they cheat on each other!
Anyways, Yeo-ju’s life was peaceful and happy, at least it was until Woo-sung’s mistress Soo-jung showed up… Shocked and outraged by husband’s affair, she plans to eliminate her husband. She refers to the all the methods that she wrote in her books and trying to decide which would be best to avenge him. However, she realizes that she feels love towards Su-ho, her assistant and prospective writer. This can’t be… am I cheating too?
Well actually, Su-ho was not a prospective writer. He was a secret agent of national intelligence service who was sent to watch over Yeo-ju. At first, he was very unhappy with the fact that he has to watch over a temperamental lady as a well-trained agent. But as time goes by, this lady seems very friendly and sometimes she even looks so cute. However, he is ordered to eliminate Yeo-ju from his superior and he has to choose between his heart and patriotism.
Anyways, Woo-sung’s mistress Su-jung who was missing found to be dead. With that, series of incidents that threats Woo-sung’s life occurs… Woo-sung thinking that Yeo-ju might be the killer, starts to be terrified.

- Kang Yeo-ju (Cast. Cho Yeo-jung)
“If you cheat, You die’ I am not joking my love, if you want to keep your body warm, be good”
She is a novelist who is famous for writing a mystery novel that people get killed every three page. She hates people who commit affairs so much that she has wrote a contract of ‘If you cheat, you die’ before she marry. But one day, she finds out that her husband who she trusted so much and praised as ‘national husband’ cheated on her. She was so shocked and felt betrayed and thinks of how she is going to kill her husband. But Su-ho shows up to her. He is very friendly and has lots in common so she starts to feel love toward Su-ho. Suddenly, Woo-sung’s mistress Su-jung is found dead. It seems that Yeo-ju knows something.

-Han Woo-sung (Cast. Koh Jun)
"If I don’t get caught, it is not an affair. That’s my words to live by.”
He is intelligent family man and a lawyer. In TV, he is the idol of married woman and praised as ‘national husband’. But he actually is a national playboy who cheats with many women. After he marry Yeo-ju, he determines to become a new man but he falls in love with college student Mi-rae at first sight… also, his ex-lover Su-jung keeps making trouble and gone missing, found dead. He thought that his wife can’t be the suspect but once Su-jung’s bloodstain found, he starts to shiver in fear with thoughts that his wife really could be the killer.

-Cha Su-ho (Cast. Kim Young-dae)
"My heart toward Yeo-ju, My heart of patriotism, what should I choose?”
He is called the next generation secret weapon of National Intelligent Service. He is full of patriotism and never failed a mission but one day he was sent to watch over a lady named Kang Yeo-ju. In his job, there are rumors of him got demotion… But once he meets Yeo-ju as her assistant, she was a friendly person who has a lot in common. When they talk about the killing machines, she seems very cute. But around that time, he was ordered to kill the lady… he agonizes between love and patriotism.

-Koh Mi-rae (cast. Yeon-woo)
“Every man are pigs. Except for Woo-sung”
She is a college student who has pure and innocent image. She is born in a rich family and was never lack of anything. And she thinks that all the man are stubborn minded beings. She had to have a planned marriage with a man from other rich family just as she turned 20 so she never felt true love Until she meets Woo-sung. There was a little problem that Woo sung is married but she had enough money and power to take care of it. It seems that no once actually can stop her love!!






-高美莱(美术大学学生cast. 妍雨)

-车秀浩(国情院要员 cast. 金永大)


結婚と不倫、離婚への挑発的な問いかけ! 予測不可能なストーリー!

父親の不倫のせいで「不倫」には歯ぎしりをする小説家ヨジュ。実は夫が浮気をしていたと?! 裏切られたと思った彼女は夫に復讐する計画を立てる。果たして夫ウソンの運命は? 一方、ある日、ウソンの内縁の女が遺体で発見される。果たしてヨジュは本当に殺人事件に関わっているのか? 彼女が書く小説に隠された秘密とは?

-カン・ヨジュ(犯罪小説作家 cast.チョ・ヨジョン)

-ハン・ウソン(離婚専門弁護士 cast.コ・ジュン)

-チャ・スホ(国家情報院の要員 cast.キム・ヨンデ)

-コ・ミレ(美大生 cast.ヨンウ)