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No Matter What


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English Title :  
No Matter What
Korean Title :  
누가 뭐래도
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Koh Bong-hwang
Director :  
Sung Jun-hae
Cast :  
Na Hye-mi, Jung Min-a, Choi Woong
Production Year :  
Duration :  
35 min * 120 eps



Some might call it, the second family. To live in a house with re-married house with siblings with different sir name, is like a ticking time bomb in house. For their Traumatic memories of divorces became detonator and shakes the house, but Family disposes the bomb and replace the detonator with love. This drama will present the stories of expanded family which recently has broaden it’s territory due to divorces and re-marriage, in a joyful and touching way with diverse characters. You will see the children of parents who has gone through divorce and re-marriage, fighting against the prejudices of the world and overcomes the hardships they face. You will see the sadness of the family which has fall apart due to economic difficulties but also how they rise from the hardships and make their ways for new life. You will see young people and old people meet together in a share house dash and rash but yet, finds way to live together and become a family.

-Kim Bora (Cast. Na Hye-mi)
Bora is the main caster of DBS broadcast. She is well known for her intelligence and beauty. As she appears to be a perfect person, many think that she was raised in a happy family. However, she was raised in a divorced Family. As her mother had to raise her alone after divorce, her mother was always busy that she even had to attend her graduation alone. So Bora decided not to fall in love which will fade away and end up as a divorce. But one day, Bora’s mother invited Bora’s best friend Ari’s father and said he will be Bora’s father. At First, Bora was so happy that Ari’s father is such a kind and good father and her best friend is now her sister. However, Bora and Ari soon became arch enemies as they both starts to conflict for all the little things in everyday life. She couldn’t stand that her mother cares more of Ari and how selfish and ignorant Ari is. Also, Ari’s sister Byuri who came to the house after months later keeps bothering her. Well, she thought this little troubles in life is something that happens to everyone and as she was thinking that her life is not that bad, her biological father Won-tae came to visit out of blue. She was so happy that she finally meet her father but soon she heard of the truth behind the divorce their parents. She felt so betrayed that her father betrayed family for his ambition and selfishness.

-Shin Ari (Cast. Jung Min-a)

She looks very clumsy but her eyes are always clear and bright as her intelligence. She has to have her ways and when things go wrong, she has to know why no matter what. She is good with calculations and when she is on to something, she acts right away. She seems very diligent but she only diligent on what she cares. When it comes to the thing doesn’t care, she does nothing about it. No matter what, she is a talented script writer who makes people fascinated once she starts to write. She hates people who can’t even keep their own fortunes because of blind kindness, just like her mother did. Ari’s Family was relatively well doing house in a poor neighborhood. So lots of people came to Ari’s house and asked for borrowing money whenever they needed. But only after when Ari’s father was not home. That made Ari’s parents fight a lot. At the end, Ari’s mother stood a surety for her first love and got divorced. And she has gone to more poor man’s house. Ari couldn’t stand her mother who has broken her heart because of love and she decided not to get married. Ari’s life has changed due to her mother Nan-young. She once dreamed of pure literature but she said good bye to the life that makes her hungry. She was angry to her mother’s life who always gave away her fortunes for others and make herself suffer and she promised herself that she would live different life with her mother. At the school graduation ceremony, where all the students and parents are gathered, she planned to hide into school broadcasting system and reveal all the corruptions of teachers. However, she meets Bora there. Bora was the only one she cared for after her mother left. When Ari write, Bora read it.

-Kang Dae-ro (Cast. Choi Woong)
Bright eyes, strong body! White T-shrit and clumsy red sweat pants are his trade mark of fashion. He is very friendly and caring individual who is easily loved by everyone. He is good with work and smart but when he falls in love, that’s when he becomes a dumb. He is very pure and loyal person. He doesn’t know who his father is. After her mother gave birth, she has put him into his grandfather’s family which makes his mother a sister on the document. His mother had numerous husbands and all of them were violent guys who likes to drink and gambling. But once she met a kind man who was a former actor and runs a small bar. He was the only dad that was nice to him. At last he thought he is having a family like family but his mother soon dies in a car accident. Even his mother’s death, his step-dad promises to raise Dae-ro properly and he uses all his fortune and debts to open a honey ice-cream store. But there was a false report in broadcast that says the ice-cream store has paraffin in the honey ice-cream and the store went bankrupt. That false report took away the only chance that he could live happily with his father. That’s how he and his step-dad got kicked out to the street and he was sent to the nursery. His step-dad promised him that he will come back after he solves the economic problems but that was the last time he sees him. When Dae-ro became 19 years old, the nursery gave him 5,000,000wons and made him leave. He tried to find his dad again but he was missing for a long time and thought to be dead.“I shall make money and I will not lose anything that is precious to me” Dae-ro decides to do his own business. He just wanted to have a warm house and meal when he makes money.



-金宝拉 | cast. 罗惠美 (28岁,天气预报员,海心的女儿)

-姜大路 | cast. 崔雄 (29岁,在秀的继子,“热乎乎便当”的CEO)

-申雅莉 | cast. 郑敏儿 (28岁,电视节目编剧,钟韩的女儿)

-罗俊秀 | cast. 郑宪 (30岁,生鲜电商 “黎明(Daybreak)”的CEO)


ボラは高校の放送部でアリと知り合い、2人は無二の親友となった。 しかし、ある日、ボラの母親がアリの父親と再婚し、親友だったアリと義理の姉妹として暮らすようになり、犬猿の仲になってしまった。時は流れ、気象キャスターとして活躍中のボラは、スタートアップ代表のジュンスとの熱愛が報じられる。放送作家となったアリは、家で仲が悪いばかりでなく、ボラとの恋愛が報じられたナ・ジュンスの子を身ごもってしまう。

- キム・ボラ / ナ・へミ(28歳、気象キャスター、へシムの娘)

- カン・デロ / チェ・ウン(29歳、ジェスの義理の息子、“タックン弁当”代表)


- ナ・ジュンス / ジョン・ホン (30歳、マーケット“デイブレイク”代表)