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English Title :  
Zombie Detective
Korean Title :  
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Romantic Comedy
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Baek Eun-jin
Director :  
Shim Jae-hyun
Cast :  
Choi Jin-hyuk, Park Joo-hyun, Kwon Hwa-woon
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70 min * 12 eps



A man born again as a zombie, without any memory of his previous life as a human being, disguises his identity and start to avenge corrupt humans.

Forget all those Scary Zombies who try to eat up human beings! Here is a zombie who hates to be around human beings due to their selfishness and corruption. But at the same time, he’s with a heart of gold and he’s more of a relatable zombie. Anyway, he needs to make a living. So, he ended up working as a private detective named Mpoo-young, disguising his identity as zombie. While solving cases, he faced ugly sides of human beings and it triggers him to reveal his face as a zombie. However, one day, a woman, Sun-ji, appear in his life, who tries to train this uncontrollable zombie. She takes a part-time job at his private detective office as an assistant and they begins to solve cases together. While they’re spending times together, they starts to grow on each other.

However, as Moo-young gets to open his mind to human beings, his lost memory of the past life as a human gets in his way and it makes him confused. Can they avenge all the corrupt human beings and bring justice and hope of human beings back to the world? Here comes the unpredictable survival of Sexy Zombie from human life!

- Kim Moo-young (Zombie Detective, CEO of Private Detective Agency) cast. Choi Jin-hyuk
After being killed by someone and buried in the dark, he was born again as a zombie by medical waste. Even though he saved his life as a zombie, he lost his memory of past life. He named himself as an unidentified dead man, “Kim Moo-young” and starts his life as a ‘zombie detective’. By disguising his face as a zombie, he has a perfect body and pretty face that everyone can’t take one’s eyes off. But he’s also cold-hearted and a neat freak. He is always skeptical about humans, believing that human beings are selfish and corrupt, even more than zombies. Using his power, Moo-young starts to avenge all those corrupt humans. While spending times with Sun-ji, he gets to open his hearts toward humans.

- Gong Sun-ji (Broadcasting Writer, Moo-young’s Assistant) cast. Park Joo-hyun
There is just one motto in her life. That is “Just hang in there!” She can be defined as a ‘go-getter’. She used to work as a writer for current affairs TV show reporting corruption of the society. However, one day, a witness in a case that she was working on was attacked by a suspicious man. Due to that, she quit her job. Afterwards, she met Moo-young by chance and starts to work as an assistant at his private detective office.

- Cha Do-hyun (Police Detective, Friend of Sun-ji) cast. Kwon Hwa-woon
He has sophisticated tastes in fashion and also he is tall, and with it, he is good looking.With a nice appearance, he is a cover model of the National Police Agency. He’s been Sun-ji’s best friend since high school. He is always so popular among girls but the only girl for Do-hyun is Sun-ji. One day, a man named Moo-young appeared in front of Sun-ji’s life out of the blue. So, Do-hyun struggles to find out who this suspicious guy is. And finally, he realizes that Moo-young is a zombie…



-金武英 / 崔振赫 (侦探事务所CEO)

-孔善智 / 朴珠贤 (侦探助手)

-车道贤 / 权和云 (刑警)

-金宝拉 / 林世珠 (善智的闺蜜)



-キム・ムヨン / チェ・ジニョク (探偵事務所CEO)

-コン・ソンジ / パク・ジュヒョン (探偵助手)

-チャ・ドヒョン / クォン・ファウン(刑事)

-キム・ボラ / イム・セジュ(ソンジの友人)