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Homemade Love Story


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English Title :  
Homemade Love Story
Korean Title :  
오! 삼광빌라
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Yun Gyeong-a
Director :  
Hong Seok-gu
Cast :  
Lee Jang-woo, Jin Ki-joo, Jeon In-hwa, Jung Bo-suk, Hwang Shin-hye
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min (35min) * 50eps (100eps)



The story of the various people gathering at a place called Sam-gwang Villa which is owned by Soon-jung. This series revolves around people who started off as strangers getting to open up their hearts and loving each other. The story delivers the message that no matter how tough the life gets, true love still exists in our relationships and will always be priceless.

One day, Soon-jung happened to witness a car accident and she kept a man (Jung-hoo) company on his way to the emergency. However, she found out that this man used to be her first love and he seems to lose his memory. She has no choice but to bring him to her place, Samgwang Villa, which her previous employer asked her to take care of. Meanwhile, Jae-hee, working as an architect, meets this woman, Bit-chae woon for the first time while at a house remodeling site. On the site, they had a scene with each other due to some misunderstandings and because of that, Bit-chae-woon didn’t make it on time to submit her portfolio that could give her a chance to study abroad and get closer toward her dream. She wishes never to see him again. But wait, what? Jae-hee starts to live in Samgwang Villa! What a coincidence? However, as they encounter each other at home and work, their chemistry will grow and develop into romance. At the same time, Bit-chae-woon gets to know hurtful truths behind her birth and her love with Jae-hee faces a crisis. Will they finally be happy together in the end?

-Lee Bit-Chae-woon (Jin Ki-joo)
A hot-tempered and ambitious woman, working for an interior design shop. From a young age, she’s has been always taking care of credulous her mother, Soon-jung. Her final goal is to become a textile designer. One day, she meets Jae-hee at a house remodeling site and they get into an argument. Even though she gets on the wrong foot with him, he starts grow on her. However, as she opens up her hearts toward him and falls in love with him, she faces hurtful secrets behind her birth and her one and only mom, Soon-jung.

-Woo Jae-hee (Lee Jang-woo)
A straightforward man who
gets easily bad-tempered. Even though
he is not only good-looking but also smart, he is so overly confident that he is often considered as arrogant. He is the only son of Woo Jung-hoo, the CEO of a big company. But he decided to live independently and he did not receive any support from his father and works as an architect. When he meets Bit-chae-woon at a construction site, they get into a trouble and he ends up living in Sam-gwang Villa to make up for the accident at the site. There, he meets her again! Jae-hee thinks she is definitely annoying at first but he cannot help falling in love with her.

-Lee Soon-jung (Jeon In-hwa)
Born in a poor family, she worked as a maid from a young age. Even though her life has been tough, she’s always positive and bright. However, she had been abused by her father when she was little, so she decided to protect any kids who suffer from domestic abuses. She raised Bit-chae-woon with all her hearts, but the truth will come out.

-Woo Jung-hoo (Jung Bo-suk)
Condescending and stubborn husband and father. So, his wife asked him to divorce and his son left home and rarely saw him. To make matters worse, one day, on his way to the office, he has an accident. Soon-jung witnesses the accident and misunderstands he lost his memory. He ends up being brought to Soon-jung’s place, Sam-gwang Villa.

-Kim Jung-won
Charismatic CEO and at the same time, she is Bit-chae-woon’s birth mother. Disappointed by his husband, she also suffered from depression after giving birth to her daughter. While she was in despair, she lost her daughter and heard that her baby was dead. Leaving her past behind, she starts new life but the truth also gets to haunt her.