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A Man in a Veil


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English Title :  
A Man in a Veil
Korean Title :  
비밀의 남자
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Lee Jeong-dae
Director :  
Shin Chang-seok
Cast :  
Kang Eun-tak, Eom Hyun-gyung, Lee Chae-young, Lee Si-gang
Production Year :  
Duration :  
40 min * 105 eps



A bright young man full of justice, tried to save a girl from an accident.
He saved the girl but he became a man with 7 years old intelligence.
At the edge of death, he meets miracle. He is now rushing to have his revenge…

Tae-pung was the only son of a rich family. Even his father past away when he was young, he grew up as a righteous, smart and polite man. One day, when he was 16, he saved the Yura from an accident and his head was damaged seriously during it.
After the accident, his intelligence became that of 7 years old. Actually, the one who Tae-pung tried to save was Yu-jeong; Yura’s sister who was Tae-pung’s first love. But Tae-pung was the righteous person who would have done the same if he knew.

12 years later, Yura became the victim of fraudulent marriage and even worse, she got pregnant. As greedy and cunning Yura was, she plans a plot and stays a night together with innocent Tae-pung. However, Tae-pung who obviously doesn’t understand the meaning of staying a night together due to his intelligence, admits that he has stayed a night together with Yura.
At the end, Tae-pung marrys Yura who calims that she has Tae-pung’s child. And Tae-pung thinks that he shall take care of the child and Yura as they are his family now. And Yu-jeong who always had Tae-pung in her heart, celebrates them even she is feeling miserable.

However, the truth has revealed soon. Tae-pung’s mother Kyung-hye found out that the child was not Tae-pung’s. When Yura’s secret is about to be revealed, Gyung-hye was falsely accused of hit and run accident and arrested.
Yura, to completely keep her secret, keeps on evil doings. She takes all the money of Tae-pung’s family and runs away.
Tae-pung, left alnoe with baby, didn’t understand what is going on. Moreover, due to Yura’s mother And he starts to being chased as he gets the perfect evidence for the truth behind the Gyung-hye’s hit and run accident.
When he was at the verge of death by those who cover the truth, he throws him self into the sea.

He was lucky enough to save his life with the help of Su-hee but his head got damaged and he is put in coma.
A month later, he wakes up with acquired servant syndrome which makes him super intelligent.
5 years later, Tae-pung returns in the name of Min-hyuk Yoo. To clear his mother, who died in jail of a false charge and to have revenge on Yura…

-Lee Tae-pung / Yoo Min-hyuk Cast, Kang Eun-tak
Innocent young man with beautiful smile but his intelligence is 7 years old due to the accident when he was younger. Some people might say he lacks but that makes him very pure and innocent being making everyone around him smile. However, after his mother being falsely accused and because of all the conspiracy around him, he is cornered to the edge of death. He barely saves his life and wakes up from coma. But he woke up with acquired servant syndrome which makes him super intelligent. He has become a cold person who lives to find out the truth behind his tragedy…

-Han Yu-jeong (Binovular twin of Yura) Cast, Eom Hyun-gyung
She is very lively and cool. She also has dream of becoming of announcer but due to her family’s economic situations, she has given up her dreams at young age and concentrates on earning money by part time jobs. Her first love is Tae-pung. For the accident of Tae-pung and for all the things her sister did, she is living with heart of atoning her sister’s fault. When everyone says that Tae-pung who was lost, is dead, she was the only one who believed he is alive. Because if not, she has no reason to live. As faith would have it, Tae-pung and Yu-jeong finds each other. However, she starts to worry that Tae-pung has become completely different person…

-Han Yura (Binovular twin of Yu-jeong) Cast, Lee Chae-young
She has outstanding looks but she is greedy and full of vanity. She hates it when because of her family is poor, her abilities are also devaluated. Dreaming of rise in her status, she is pregnant with rich man’s child. However, it was found that the rich man she thought was a broke man who has nothing in his hand. So she has planed to stay a night with innocent Tae-pung and lies that she is pregnant with Tae-pung’s child. But as her lies were caught by Tae-pung’s mother and when she was at the verge of fall, an opportunity came.To keep her evil secrets made by her greed, she keeps on her evil deeds…

-Cha Seo-joon (Heir of SG group) Cast, Lee Si-gang
He is reckless, audacious and playboy. He is always against his father who thinks he is not enough but he actually craves fathers true love. The only people who understood him was Tae-pung and Yu-jeong. He thought Tae-pung as brother and loved Yu-jeong. At first, he thought he is just curious about Yu-jeong but when he realized it was love, it was when he lost contact with her. After he engages Yura, he meets Yu-jeong again. When he finds out the truth of Tae-pung and relationship between Tae-pung and Yu-jeong, he feels betrayed. To destroy Tae-pung and keep his family, he becomes an evil..


踪,泰丰的下落也不明,所有人都说他已经死了…… 好不容易保住性命的泰丰,奇迹般地患上了学者综合征。五年的时间过去了,决心要报仇的泰丰摇身一变成为了检察官刘

-李泰丰 / 刘敏赫 : 姜殷卓 (SG集团法律主管)

-韩宥贞 : 严贤璟 (SG集团实习员工)

-韩宥拉 : 李採英 (KBC播音员)

-车瑞俊 : 李时康 (SG集团总部部长)



-イ・テプン / ユ・ミニョク : カン・ウンタク (SGグループ法律チーム長)

-ハン・ユジョン : オム・ヒョンギョン(SGグループインターン)

-ハン・ユラ : イ・チェヨン(KBCアナウンサー)

-チャ・ソジュン : イ・シガン(SGグループ本部長)