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To All the Guys who Loved Me


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English Title :  
To All the Guys who Loved Me
Korean Title :  
그놈이 그놈이다
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Romantic Comedy
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Lee Eun-yeong
Director :  
Choi Yoon-suk, Lee Ho
Cast :  
Hwang Jung-eum, Yoon Hyun-min, Seo Ji-hoon
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70 min * 16 eps



This is a story of
a WOMAN who decided not to marry because of hurtful loves,
a MAN who still loves her and wants to protect her for life, and
a MAN who wants to correct his relationship with her in his past life through love.

1. Two men appears before a woman, a.k.a “non-marriage-ist”, by destiny! Will her resolution fall apart or not?
2. How will an encounter between a man and a woman, who had been married in their previous lives, continue in their present lives?

For Hyun-joo, there are just two types of men.
They are either babies or dogs.

When she turns into 30, she almost get married to a guy, who is a refined prosecutor of a rich family. But she ends up realizing that marriage is not her thing.
However, there is a guy named Do-gyeom, who loves Hyun-joo no matter what from childhood and Ji-woo who appears out of blue making her confused.
OMG! Were you my husband in the previous lives?

-Seo Hyun-joo (Leader of Webtoon Planning team) cast. Hwang Jung-eum
She was only seven years old when remembered her past life because of an accident, and she had been fed up with the marriage. So, she declared that she won't marry in this life. However, her family took her to the clinic, as they were shocked to hear this little girl talking about her previous life.
Thanks to this, Hyun-joo's memory has been blurred. Rather, Hyun-joo even came to wonder about her future husband.
However, Hyun-joo didn't know the MEN are either a BABY or a DOG. Mama boy, playboy, stalker-level fixation guy.
“Okay, until the day I die, I will only love one person.
That is me, Seo Hyun-joo!”
One day, a well-known webtoon PD, Hyun-joo, gets fired at the company for rumors which actually are set-up. Just then, like fate, she gets a job offer from ‘Sunwoo Pharmaceuticals.
However, she is torn between Park Do-kyum, a famous webtoon writer, who loves Hyun-joo and Hwang Ji-woo, CEO of Sunwoo Pharmaceutical.
What makes matter worse, Hyun-joo's past life comes to her mind again. “Wait, were you my husband of the previous life?”

-Hwang Ji-woo (CEO of Sunwoo Pharmaceutical company) cast. Yoon Hyun-min
Although he is the best husband with perfect specifications, there is no room for women to enter his life.
That’s because of one woman. When he was little, he lost consciousness while trying to save a girl from drowning during a family trip and remembered three previous lives.
His wife was same in each life. After a while, he became conscious, but he also became obsessed with the memory of his previous life, distancing himself from others and always spending time alone.
In that previous life, there was a woman who he thought was true love. A well-known playboy, Ji-woo managed to get married, but eventually ended up hurting her and breaking up. Ji-woo is eager to meet her in this life, making him indifferent to other women.
Those who did not know this unbelievable story made all kinds of rumors, that he likes men. But Ji-woo doesn’t care, but he is also exhausted to wait for her past life.
Then one day, in a lie, she appears before her eyes. Jiwoo wants to keep her by his side no matter what. “
This time, I won’t lose her.”

-Park Do-gyeom (Webtoon wrther) cast. Seo Ji-hoon
One thing Do-gyeom doesn't have is Hyunjoo.
Everyone likes him because of his good looks, pleasant and friendly personality. In fact, Hyunjoo’s parents raised Do-gyeom, who lost both his parents when he was little, and he was like a family of Hyunjoo.
It was Hyun-joo who hugged Dogyeom whenever he felt sick of people and life was tough.
When he decided to enter an art college, Hyun-joo's parents, who had always supported Do-gyeom, realistically opposed it. However, thanks to Hyun-joo, who believed in Do-gyeom and persuaded her parents,
now he is a no.1 webtoon writer.
So when Hyun-joo was fired, no wonder he quit and followed her. One day, while Do-gyeom, who loves Hyun-joo, trying to hide his true feelings, a man named Ji-woo suddenly appears. So, Dogyeom finally opens his heart that he will no longer be a younger brother but a man to her.

-Han Seo-yoon (Ji-woo’s Secretary) cast. Jo Woo-ri
A refined appearance and a sociable personality.
Not only that, Han Seo-yun grew up in a well-to-do family without deficiency.
Her goal is to marry Jiwoo, whom her mother has pointed out.
But one day, Jiwoo set up a ridiculous department called the Webtoon Development Team in this pharmaceutical company and scouted Hyun-joo. The unthinkable things continue. Just then, Dokyeom appears in front of Seo Yoon.
Seo Yoon changes as she meets Dogyeom.



-徐贤珠 / 黄正音 (网漫企划组长)

-黄智宇 / 尹贤敏 (善宇制药代表理事)

-朴道谦 / 徐志焄 (人气网漫作家)

-韩瑞允 / 赵友利 (智宇的秘书)



-ソ・ヒョンジュ / ファン・ジョンウム (ウェブコミック企画チーム長)

-ファン・ジウ / ユン・ヒョンミン(「ソンウ製薬」の代表理事)

-パク・ドギョム / ソ・ジフン(人気のウェブコミック作家)

-ハン・ソユン / チョ・ウリ(ジウの秘書)