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Born Again


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English Title :  
Born Again
Korean Title :  
본 어게인
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Jung Soo-mi
Director :  
Jin Hyung-wook
Cast :  
Jang Gi-yong, Jin Se-yeon, Lee Soo-hyuk
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min (35min) * 16eps (32eps)



Going from youth to middle age, while the familiar streamside transformed into a refined street, these three people have entered their new lives, and love is in the air.

The year is 1986, and Ha-eun, who had grown up alone as an orphan, runs a used bookstore. For Hyung-bin, who comes from an affluent family and dreams of justice, Ha-eun means everything to him. He resolves to do everything in his power to protect her, but is killed before her very eyes. Ji-cheol, the murderer, had first experienced kindness in his life from Ha-eun, who had always been friendly to him. Although he had dreamt of a life with her, Ji-cheol himself is also mysteriously faced with untimely death.

32 years ago, their ill-fated lives came to an end, but they were given a chance to walk through the doors of a new life. Their “second round” is filled with new relationships, both good and bad!

-Jung Ha-eun in a previous life(32 years old, used bookstore owner) & Currently Jung Sa-bin (32 years old, Lecturer in Bone Archeology at Seoyeon University) /Cast. Jin Se-yeon
Yearning for a real relationship, she was born again searching for love. One day, upon seeing the remains of a particular man, her heart beats high. What could be the reason…? There are also the men entangled in her life… Soohyuk, the prosecutor who repeatedly rescues her from danger, and Jongbeom, the medical student she met at a university lecture. Despite rumors that Jongbeom is a psychopath, Sabin pays no attention to the rumors and treats Jongbeom fairly, who in turn develops feelings for her…

- Gong Ji-cheol in a previous life (27 years old, serial killer) & Currently Chun Jong-beom (22 years old, medical student at Seoyeon University) /Cast. Jang Ki-yong
After failing to win over the woman he loved, he is born again amid feelings of regret and revenge. He can’t take his eyes off Sabin, who seess him just as he is, unswayed by any rumors. Sa-bin is like a ray of sunshine on his dark life, making him feel innocent, if not hopeful, in her presence.

-Cha Hyung-bin in a previous life (27 years old, detective) & Currently Kim Soo-hyuk (32 years old, excavation team prosecutor) Cast Lee Soo-hyuk
Anguished by the fact that he couldn’t protect the woman he loved, he is born again. As a prosecutor, Soo-hyuk takes over Ji-cheol’s case from the past and finds a faded Polaroid in Ji-cheol’s belongings. The woman in the photo oddly looks familiar. And he soon flashes back to the events of his past life. To save the Ha-eun in this new life that he couldn’t protect back then, Soo-hyuk makes it his mission to stifle Jong-beom at every chance that he gets.



1986年, 没有父母、独自成长的河恩经营着一家旧书店。对于幸福地成长并向往正义世界的亨彬来说,唯一所剩的正义就只有河恩了。虽然亨彬誓死守护她,却在河恩眼前迎接了死神。杀死亨彬的杀人魔智哲,因河恩生平第一次感受到了人生的温暖。河恩总是对他笑脸相待,虽然智哲心怀河恩所给予的希望,憧憬着和她一起的未来,但结果智哲自己也惨遭毒手、离奇死亡。


- 前世 郑河恩(32岁 旧书店主人)/ 现世 郑莎斌(32岁 瑞延大学 骨骼考古学讲师)cast. 陈世妍

- 孔智哲(27岁, 连锁杀人犯) /千宗范(22岁, 瑞延大学医学院的学生) cast. 张基容

- 车亨彬(27岁,刑警) / 金秀赫(32岁, 遗骨发掘团检察官) cast. 李秀赫




- 前世チョン・ハウン(32歳、古本屋の主人)
現世チョン・サビン(32歳、「ソヨン大学」の骨考古学講師) キャスト:チン・セヨン

- コン・ジチョル(27歳、連続殺人犯)
チョン・ジョンボム(22歳、「ソヨン大学」の医大生) キャスト:チャン・ギヨン

- チャ・ヒョンビン(27歳、刑事)
キム・スヒョク(32歳、遺骨発掘団の担当検事) キャスト:イ・スヒョク