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How To Buy A Friend


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English Title :  
How To Buy A Friend
Korean Title :  
中文題目 :  
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Genre :  
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Writer :  
Kim Ju-man
Director :  
Yoo Young-eun
Cast :  
Lee Shin-young, Shin Seung-ho, Kim So-hye(I.O.I)
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min (35min) * 4eps (8eps)



A boy having little presence writes a poem.
A girl who went missing without a reason a year ago.
However, the secret of death has been lying in that poem.
This is a story of an adventure of a boy and him tracing the secrets.

With little presence, Chan-hong is called as ‘Ninja’ in school. While spending his vacation dryly, he isn’t afraid of becoming 3rd grade in high school and entering a university at all. Rather, he is more worried about being in the same class with bullies in school.

One day, he happens to win a prize at a school’s writing contest and is getting close to Se-youn, a goddess in the school. However, that makes him to be the target of bullies.

The school turned into a hell in a flash. Needless bullying and violence.
Even Kyung-pyo, Chan-hong’s psycho friend, doesn’t know how to deal with this bullies.
Then, one day, something serious happened. Chan-hong carries 400 dollar cash to pay for the tuition fee and Dae-yong tries to steal that money from Chan-hong.

Meanwhile, Don-hyuk who was involved with violent incidents has been skipped the school and is working on a construction site. However, the company laid off Don-hyuk because he was injured while working and the company doesn’t want to be in a trouble of hiring minors.
Don-hyuk comes back to school and he is still struggling with living expenses.

In the meantime, Don-hyuk found the same message that Seo-jung left before she died in the poem that Chan-hong wrote. To know the truth, Don-hyuk saves Chan-hong from bullies and tries to find out the secret underneath Seo-jung’s death.

Also, they unravel a mystery why Se-youn keeps the cellphone which Seo-jung had used before she died…

-Park Chan-hong
Height, weight, his looking. Almost everything is just average.
A boy of zero existence, Chan-hong. Even if he is standing right next to someone, but they say “Where is Chan-hong?” Even teachers wouldn’t recognize his existence.
One day, he happens to participate in a writing contest and find his talent in writing poems.
However, he ends up getting involved with an unexpected incident because of that poem. He throws himself into the incident to protect Se-youn.

-Huh Don-hyuk
He is called as Iron Man who has legendary fists among high school students.
A year ago, he was sent to a young offender institution for a terrible violent crime and he is transferring to the Chan-hong’s high school. In the aftermath of the incident, he left home and lived alone.
He found clues about the suicide of his girlfriend Seo-jung in Chanhong's poem and he approaches Chanhong.

-Um Se-youn
The most popular girl in the school and the often-called playful girl. After reading a poem written by Chan-hong, she is moved (?) and express her feelings to Chan-hong. She is talented in art and academic work, but she hesitates because of his accumulated image.
A year ago, she admired Seo-jung who jumped off the roof of my school and committed suicide. She tried to look like Seo-jung. She is the one who holds the key to the death of Seo-jung.