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English Title :  
Once Again
Korean Title :  
한 번 다녀왔습니다
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Yang Hee-seung
Director :  
Lee Jae-sang
Cast :  
Lee Min-jung, Lee Sang-yeop, Chun Ho-jin, Cha Hwa-yeon
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min (35min) * 50eps (100eps)



Turbulent divorces of Mr. and Mrs. Song’s children
unravel into heartwarming stories of familial love and affection.

Three years ago, the eldest son of the Song family divorced by agreement and returned home. That same year, the eldest daughter also returned home after divorcing her cheating husband. People say you’re better off without children. However, being in the hope that their remaining two daughters would live a good life, Mr. and Mrs. Song manage to marry off their youngest daughter… Unfortunately, premonitions are never wrong. Even their youngest daughter gets her marriage called off on her honeymoon. Troubled by their children are Song Yeongdal and Jang Okbun, owners of the sweet and sour chicken place in Yongdu Market. Now, their only hope is in their second daughter, who is a pediatrician…

However, Yeongdal and Okbun little know what awaits them. Their second daughter is already divorced and has decided to hide it while continuing to live with her ex-husband! It’s only a matter of time before the Song family’s last bomb goes off! Meanwhile, Yeongdal’s younger sister, who was thought to be dead, appears at Yongdu Market!

-Song Nahui (Lee Minjung)
A pediatrician of principle. She was sharp and smart from an early age. She has a more than sufficient level of IQ, but lacks EQ and can be quite sloppy at times. She divorces Kyujin by agreement and temporarily lives with him until their house is sold. After the divorce, she begins to question why she has hated Kyujin all this time.

-Yoon Kyujin (Lee Sangyeob)
A sociable pediatrician. Everyone from colleagues to patients like him. He and Nahui were attracted to each other because of their opposite tendencies, but they ultimately split up. Keeping the divorce a secret, he has no choice but to temporarily live with his ex-wife Nahui, but he still has feelings for her. Eventually, the divorce is revealed, and Nahui returns to her parents, leaving Kyujin in desolation.

-Song Yeongdal (Cheon Hojin)
A frugal dad. Head of the Yongdu Market Cooperative. He has been running a sweet and sour chicken place for 14 years in Yongdu Market. In his poverty-stricken childhood, he sent off his younger sister to a wealthy family, but heard the shocking news that she had died. This memory still distresses him. But then one day, his dead sister returns!

-Jang Okbun (Cha Hwayeon)
A cute, materialistic mom. Despite being a diligent person of good nature, she lacks luck when it comes to her son and daughters. She is troubled by her four divorced children, and now, even her husband’s late sister has come back alive… “Enough is enough! I want a grey divorce!”




可是,英达和玉芬没想到他们也是一枚尚未爆炸的定时炸弹 。他们其实已经办完了离婚手续,决定对父母保密!离婚后,同住一个屋檐下的二女儿,她的最后一颗炸弹爆炸也只不过是早晚的问题!而在这时,龙头市场里大家都以为已经去世的永达的妹妹竟出现了!

是个原则性很强的儿科医生。从小聪明伶俐,学习成绩优异,IQ超高但EQ偏低,稍微有些呆萌。同丈夫圭真协议离婚后,在房子被卖掉之前,两人暂时同居 。可是离婚以后,她不禁思考,前段时间她为什么会那么讨厌这个男人呢?



是个天真又庸俗的妈妈,虽然善良、勤劳一生,但却没有儿女福,一儿三女陆续离婚、毁婚,一波未平一波又起,令她很是伤脑筋。雪上加霜的是,丈夫的妹妹也突然活着回来了……她不禁喊道 “我要黄昏散!”





- ソン・ナヒ(イ・ミンジョン)

- ユン・ギュジン(イ・サンヨプ)

- ソン・ヨンダル(チョン・ホジン)

- チャン・オクプン(チャ・ファヨン)