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Meow, the Secret Boy


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English Title :  
Meow, the Secret Boy
Korean Title :  
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Joo Wha-mi (Writer of tvN , tvN )
Director :  
Ji Byung-hun (Director of KBS , )
Cast :  
Kim Myung-soo, Shin Ye-eun
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min (35min) * 12eps (24eps)



A fantasy romantic comedy filled with subtle excitement, featuring Hong-jo, the cat who transforms into a man, and Sol-ah, the puppy-like woman!
After leaving without a word, So-lah’s ex-boyfriend returns one day, holding a cat. ‘I only promised to look after it for a little while…’ Sol-ah feels bad for the cat and eventually decides to keep it, naming it Hong-jo. However, Hongjo has an incredible secret. He turns himself into a human! As Hong-jo and Sol-ah live together, an exciting romance starts to blossom. Can Hong-jo hide his true identity, and can the two continue to love?

Kim Sol-ah cast. Shin Ye-eun
She is just like a playful puppy that follows people around. Strangely, she keeps getting in conflict with cat-like people around her. Among them, her ex-boyfriend Jae-seon is the one she frets over the most. She had barely just gotten over him when he suddenly appears with a cat. At the same time, a new family member appears. Her stepmother’s son, Bang Gukbong. He appears and disappears like the wind, making Sol-ah restless but also full of anticipation. She starts seeing him as a man, not as a relative… But he also oddly reminds her of her cat, Hong-jo.

Hong-jo cast Kim Myung-soo (L)
Hong-jo is a cat that transforms into a man every now and then. He had previously lived a life of a luxury cat, but was left homeless when his rich owner moved away. He finds himself at Sol-ah’s house, who openly dislikes him from the beginning. However, she comes to his aid whenever he finds himself in danger. Hong-jo finds himself wanting to be a man for Sol-ah so that he can hold her in his arms. In order to be by her side, he borrows her stepbrother Gukbong’s identity as he begins his double life…

Lee Jae-seon cast. Seo Ji-hoon
Jae-seon is a man of few words and almost expressionless. Per his father’s wishes, he even studied abroad, but decides to pursue his own path of leather crafting. He seems standoffish but is actually very considerate. Sol-ah had fallen for this side of him. He ultimately left her heartbroken when they broke up, but he had his own reasons. Meanwhile, Jae-seon is the first one to suspect Gukbong’s secret… Jae-seon promises not to tell anyone, but he doesn’t feel good to see Hong-jo with Sol-ah.


不声不响离开索雅的前男友拿着一只猫来找她,明明只是暂时托管,心软的索雅给小猫取名为“红祖”,并决定饲养它。但,红祖有个惊人的秘密,那就是它竟然能变身为人类! 变身人类的猫咪红祖和像小狗一样的女人索雅开始了令人眩晕的同居生活,“红祖”和索雅之间萌发了微妙的心动。“红祖”究竟能否隐瞒真实身份,两人能否继续相爱?

金索雅 cast. 辛睿恩

红祖 cast. 金明秀(L)

李在宣 cast. 徐智勋



キム・ソラ キャスト:シン・イェウン

ホンジョ キャスト:キム・ミョンス(INFINITE エル)

イ・ジェソン キャスト:ソ・ジフン