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The Secret of the Little Tern Seabird of the Inland Lake


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English Title :  
The Secret of the Little Tern Seabird of the Inland Lake
Korean Title :  
안동호 쇠제비갈매기의 비밀
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Director :  
Shin Dong-man, Yum Sang-sup
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Duration :  
60min * 1eps



‘Little Tern’ is a sea bird which used to reside near by seaside such as Yellow sea or the Southern sea of Korea.
But for last 10 years, little terns has located them selves in fresh water lake and breeding by lake side.
In 2018, another 60 couples of little terns success in breeding at Andong Lake.
How and why did this birds which hunts little fish by the sea side moved their breeding place? What is there secret?

1. The New Home
The place where the little terns choose for their new home is the two small sand island inside Andong lake.
Andong lake is the best place for them to secure the food supply and protect themselves from predators.

2. The Curiosity
To find out the secret and solve the curiosity, KBS team used three remotely operated camera.
The cameras were able to show the life of little terns to the camera team 380 yards away using Wi-Fi, 24/7.
Also, with the help of professionals from National Science Museum, they are one step closer to the revealing the secret of little terns.

3. The Threats
Even though Andong lake is safe from predators of the land, this does not mean that there is no predator. Eagle-owls, goshawks, herons and otters are their new predators.
What is more deadly than the predators is the flood in the raining season.
The nest is flooded by water and the young little terns which cannot fly yet, are in a life or death situation.
How will they survive?

4. Award Winner
This marvelous work which showed the secret of the nature in a touching and stirring way, was also loved by winning awards in authoritative documentary film festivals.
*2019 festival de l’oiseau et de la nature : the Grand Prize
*2019 Huston film festival : Prix spécial du jury