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Woman of 9.9 Billion


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English Title :  
Woman of 9.9 Billion
Korean Title :  
99억의 여자
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Han Ji-hoon
Director :  
Kim Young-jo
Cast :  
Cho Yeo-jung, Kim Gang-woo, Jung Woong-in, Oh Na-ra
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min (35min) * 16eps (32eps)



A woman who comes across ₩9.9 billion stands against the world to keep it.
“Woman of ₩9.9 Billion” is both a cold romance and an intense thriller.

Seo-yeon lives a depressing life due to her miserable childhood and continued domestic violence from her husband. One day, she and her husband go on a trip with her friend Hui-ju and her husband. On that night, Seo-yeon has a secret rendezvous with her lover Jae-hun, who’s also Hui-ju’s husband. While they are together, they hear the sound of a car crash and rush to the scene. There, they find an overturned vehicle, a dead driver, and piles of cash amounting to ₩9.9 billion(US$9.9million).

An injured man at the site of the accident begs Seo-yeon for help. But she ignores his plead and hides the ₩9.9 billion. A few days later, she returns to the site of the accident to take the money she hid. At the same time, Tae-wu, a former cop, is visiting the site to look into the death of his brother. He catches Seo-yeon in the act of recovering the cash.

-Jeong Seo-yeon (Starring Jo Yeo-jeong)
Her life was hopeless till the day she came across the ₩9.9 billion which could make up for every bad thing that has happened in her life. However, her newly gained wealth causes people’s greed and jealousy to be directed upon her, and she finally decides to face her life head-on.

-Kang Tae-wu (starring Kim Kang-woo)
After quitting his job as a police officer, Tae-wu has been wasting his time loafing around. He had thought that his brother having a legitimate job was good enough for him. But one day, he faced with the death of his brother. While he’s looking for the missing ₩10 billion in order to find the real culprit of his brother’s murder, he comes across Seo-yeon.

- Yoon Hui-ju (starring Oh Nara)
Hui-ju’s life is perfect. She pretends to be Seo-yeon’s friend, but she feels nothing but superiority and pity for her. To Hui-ju, Seo-yeon’s only purpose is to affirm how lucky she is. However, everything starts to fall apart because of Seo-yeon. After having her husband stolen away and being driven into a corner, she decides to take revenge.

-Lee Jae-hun (starring Lee Ji-hoon)
He’s an executive director of a foundation. However, since his father-in-law is the real owner of the foundation, he has to constantly follow the will of Hui-ju. He gets involved in the crime by finding the 99 billion while he was with Seo-yeon. When things start to escalate, Jae-hun, who breezed through his life so far, fails to keep things together and ends up betraying Seo-yeon.

Hong In-pyo (Starring Jung Ung-in)
He seems cold and devoid of emotion from the outset. However, he’s been abusing Seo-yeon since they got married, channeling anger and frustration from his failing business on her. When Seo-yeon’s behavior starts to change, he decides to find out what’s going on with his wife.


冷酷的爱情与炽热的惊悚 《99亿的女人》



-郑瑞妍 (cast. 赵茹珍/ 一心想守护99亿的女人)

-姜泰宇 (cast. 金康宇/ 破解99亿之谜的男人)

-尹熙珠 (Cast. 吴娜拉/ 瑞妍的朋友)

-李载勋 (Cast. 李智勋/ 熙珠的丈夫)

-洪仁彪(Cast. 郑雄仁/ 瑞妍的丈夫)





- チョン・ソヨン (キャスト:チョ・ヨジョン/99億ウォンを守ろうとする女)

- カン・テウ (キャスト:キム・ガンウ/99億ウォンの秘密を探る男)

- ユン・ヒジュ (キャスト:オ・ナラ/ソヨンの友人)

- イ・ジェフン (キャスト:イ・ジフン/ヒジュの夫)

- ホン・インピョ (キャスト:チョン・ウンイン/ソヨンの夫)