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Gracious Revenge


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English Title :  
Gracious Revenge
Korean Title :  
우아한 모녀
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Drama, Revenge, Tele Novella
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Oh Sang-hui
Director :  
Eo Su-sun
Cast :  
Choi Myung-gil, Cha Ye-ryun, Kim Heung-soo, Oh Chae-yi
Production Year :  
Duration :  
40min * 100eps



# 1. Prelude:Carrie Jung is coming back…
In first-class seat of international air-line, Carry Jung is coming back to Korea in 30 years with her daughter Yu-jin. Carry Jung, looking at an old picture of a family, smiles showing that her revenge has begun…

#2. Tragedy : Lost everything overnight…
30 years ago, J Cosmetics robbed Mi-yeon(Carry Jung)’s husband of cosmetic technology and made him die in premeditated car accident. Mi-yeon, who was pregnant at that time, is shocked and gives premature birth to her son.
Meanwhile, at the same time, J Cosmetic’s mistress Youn-gyung Joe also gives birth to her son. However, due to hospital’s mistake, Youn-gyung’s child dies. To cover up this accident, Seo Eun-ha, the daughter of the hospital’s chair swaps Mi-yeon and Youn-gyung’s baby. Just like that, Mi-yeon lost her husband and baby overnight. When she found out that all of this tragedy is done by J cosmetics and hospital, she meets Seo Eun-ha and asks for apology. However she is refused and treated cold…

#3. Incarnation of Revenge : Start revenge with the Enemy’s daughter
Few days later, Eun-ha is desperately looking for her one year old daughter in a supermarket. At the same time, Mi-yeon is flying to Canada with Eun-ha’s baby next to her seat. Vowing to avenge, Mi-yeon leaves Korea, thinking that this child will become the key to her revenge…
For 30 years, Yu-jin, real daughter of Eun-ha, was raised by Mi-yeon while believing that Mi-yeon is her mother. However, she was raised for one purpose, revenge. Now she is back to Korea and she throws herself into the revenge, which she has been living for. However, the truth of her true identity and Mi-yeon, starts to make her confused.

Han Yu-jin(Janice) / Cast : Cha Ye-ryun
She was kidnapped as a baby by Mi-yeon and raised for one purpose. Revenge. After 30 years, she is back to Korea to make revenge on behalf of Mi-yeon, who she thinks is mother. As she is skilled marketer and even gets the heart of Hae-jun, she easily brings the J cosmetics into the ground. However, once she realizes the truth about herself, her lifelong goal starts to falter…

Jung Mi-ae (Cha Mi-yeon, Carry Jung) / Cast : Choi Myung-gil
She is current chair of NOW foundation. She is called ‘Carry Jung’ and she holds all the powers of business moguls of Korea. Her true identity is ‘Cha Mi-yeon’. She lost her husband and child because of conspiracy of J cosmetics. For her revenge, she kidnaps Eunha’s daugther and she raises kidnapped Yu-jin as a means of her revenge. Coming back to Korea now, she is ready for taking her revenge…

Goo Hae-jun / Cast : Kim Heung-soo
He is raised in love of his mother Youn-gyung and became a great heir of J cosmetics. He engages Sera the daughter of Eun-ha for the good of his family. But one day, Yu-jin, whom he met in Canada 3 years ago and he never forgets, shows up. Hae-jun approaches Yu-jin with his true heart but Hae-jun is betrayed and sacrificed by Yu-jin’s revenge plan.

Hong Se-ra / Cast : Oh Chae-yi
Daughter of Seo Eun-ha and chairman Hong. When Sera was born, her parents lost her sister Yu-jin. Because of that, her mother couldn’t give her whole love, and because of this, Sera hated her sister who she has never seen. She dreamed of marrying Hae-jun who embraced her hurtful soul but when Yu-jin showed up, her little dreams were broken into pieces. While she realizes that Yu-jin is her lost sister, hatred and anger sweeps her.