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Unasked Family


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English Title :  
Unasked Family
Korean Title :  
꽃길만 걸어요
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
Genre :  
Family, Drama, Romance
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Chae Hae-young, Na Seung-hyun
Director :  
Park Ki-hyun
Cast :  
Choi Yoon-so, Sul Jung-hwan, Sim Ji-ho, Jung Yu-min
Production Year :  
Duration :  
35min * 120eps



A love story between a hardworking housewife-turned-intern and the man who receives her late husband’s heart
Due to her husband’s mistake, Yeowon loses all the money they had saved. So even after his death, Yeowon has no choice but to depend on her in-laws and remain under their roof. She manages to persuade her mother-in-law to let her find work and becomes an intern at Hana Beverages. But work is hard, with a boss, Cheondong who constantly criticizes her everyday… But every time she finds herself in trouble, he appears out of nowhere to help her and she finds herself increasingly drawn to him. However, Cheondong finds out that Yeowon’s late husband’s heart is beating inside of him.
Meanwhile, seeing the two together gets on someone’s nerves. It’s none other than the daughter of Hana Beverages CEO, Suji, who has a crush on Cheondong! Jihun, the managing director of Hana Beverages who was raised in the same orphanage as Cheondong, sees Suji’s interest in Cheondong and tries to win her heart. But whether it’s out of ambition or love remains to be seen. He begins to use her father Byeong-rae’s secret as blackmail. Will these four have a smooth journey on their way to find love?

<Kang Yeowon (Cast. Choi Younso) / Hana Beverages Marketing Team intern>
Yeowon has no work experience, but after her husband’s death, she manages to persuade her mother-in-law to let her apply for a job at Hana Beverages to earn money. However, she constantly makes mistakes. Then, a man named Cheondong enters her life. She slowly adjusts to her job with his help and gradually opens up to him. But then the CEO’s daughter, Suji, starts to give her a hard time.

<Bong Cheondong (Cast. Seol Junghwan )/ Hana Beverages Head of International Cooperation>
He grew up in an orphanage but with the help of his sponsor Byeong-rae, the CEO of Hana Beverage, he receives a heart transplant and a job with the company. He is extremely good at his job and the company’s heiress Suji shows an interest in him. However, the woman he has fallen for is Yeowon and doesn’t hide his affections for her. But after he finds out that his heart donor was Yeowon’s late husband, it tears him up inside. To make matters worse, he discovers that her husband’s death is linked to Hana Beverages…

<Kim Jihoon (Cast. Shim Jiho) / Hana Beverages Managing Director of Business Affairs>
Jihoon grew up in the same orphanage as Cheondong. He realized at a very early age that Byeong-rae, the orphanage’s sponsor, was his ticket to a better life. He did everything he could to be noticed by him. Now, he has his eyes on becoming the next CEO of Hana Beverages. He sees everything and everyone as opportunities except for Suji whom he seess as his true love. But now Suji and even Byeong-rae have begun to show interest in Cheondong.

<Hwang Suji (Cast. Jung Yoomin) / Hana Beverages Marketing Team Director >
She is the sole heiress of Hana Beverages. The company’s employees are always busy cleaning up messes or preventing scandals from breaking out caused by her power trips. But surprisingly, she is drawn to Cheondong instead of the cold, calculating, and opportunistic Jihun as she holds onto the romantic belief of “one true love.” Even after getting married to Jihoon, Suji wants to get close to Cheondong. However, once she sees Yeowon by his side, she uses her power and position in the company to try to break them apart.



<姜丽媛/哈纳饮料宣传组主妇实习工> #坚强的生活能力 #挑战女王

<奉千冬 /哈纳饮料对外协力室长>#心态超积极 #新的心脏

<金志勋 /哈纳饮料经营策划部本部长 > #野心家 #业务能手

<黄秀芝 /哈纳饮料宣传组理事>#麻烦制造者 #哈纳饮料的继承女



<カン・ヨウォン(チェ・ユンソ)「ハナ飲料」の広報チーム、主婦インターン> #強靭な生活力 #挑戦の女王

<ボン・チョンドン(ソル・ジョンファン)「ハナ飲料」の対外協力室長> #超前向き #新しい心臓

<キム・ジフン(シム・ジホ)「ハナ飲料」の経営企画本部長> #野望家 #業務能力トップ

<ファン・スジ(チョン・ユミン)「ハナ飲料」の広報チーム理事> #トラブルメーカー #「ハナ飲料」の後継者