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The Tale Of Nokdu


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English Title :  
The Tale Of Nokdu
Korean Title :  
中文題目 :  
タイトル :  
朝鮮ラブコメ- ノクドゥ伝
Genre :  
Costume, Romantic Comedy
Aired On :  
Subtitles Available :  
Writer :  
Lim Ye-jin
Director :  
Kim Dong-hwi
Cast :  
Jang Dong-yoon, Kim So-hyun, Kang Tae-oh, Jung Jun-ho
Production Year :  
Duration :  
70min (35min) * 18eps (36eps)



Abandoned son of the king, disguised as a woman to find out the secret of his fate!
The tale of twisted fate of youths swayed to the tragedy of Joseon!
Sweet, plot twisting yet gratifying Romantic Comedy!
Long waited KBS costume drama <The Tale of Nokdu>!

- Jeon Nok-du (Cast : Jang Dong-youn)
He is the hidden son of King Gwang-hae, born during the time of Imjin War. Because of a prophecy that he will be the next king, he was thrown to death as he was born. However, he was able to survive with help of a loyal servant Jung Youn-jeo. He was raised in peace in a lonely island but due to the recent events, Nok-du realizes that there is a dark secret hidden to his birth. To solve the mysteries of his birth, he disguises himself as a woman and enters the Widow town.

- Dong Dong-ju (Cast : Kim So-hyun)
She is a courageous girl living at Gibang in Widow town. She is a tomboy but she has the hands of genius that she can build whatever she wants to build. She gets involved in dangerous situations because of the nobles who try to make her Gisaeng but with help of Nok-du and Youl-mu, she is protected. She eventually finds out that Nok-du is a man and dreams happy life with him but deep inside her, there is a conflict and secret she has been keeping…

- Cha Youl-mu (Cast : Kang Tae-oh)
First son of Prince Jung-won; the step brother of the king Gwang-hae. He just seems to be a rich playboy who spends a fortune in Gibang but no one knows his cold and cruel identity hidden behind. Once he meets again with Dong-ju who once talked marriage between there family, he gets really fond of her. He also involves in a cute conflict with Nok-du for Dong-ju’s heart. Later, Youl-mu takes control of rebel force, he finds out the secret of Nok-du, King and his own faith. Now, he is about to fulfill his plan…

- Gwang-hae (Cast : Jung Jun-ho)
King of Joseon. He has a potential to become a great king but his obsession and anxiety to power makes him desperate. Once he ordered to kill his own son to keep his throne, his mind could never be in peace. One day, an interesting thing happens to him. He meets bright young man and woman and becomes friend with them. This friendship soon became a consolation for his exhausted heart. However, once he finds out that this young man was his own son that he ordered to kill 20 years ago, his mind falls into despair…



▷ 全绿豆 #武艺全能 #傲慢自大 #美男子 Cast 张东尹

▷ 董东珠 #巧夺天工 #齐耳短发 #爽言爽语/Cast 金所泫

▷ 车律武 #朝鲜的‘料性男’ #双面反转男/Cast 姜泰伍

▷ 光海 #敏感大王 #朝鲜最强权力欲/Cast 郑俊镐



▷チョン・ノクドゥ #武芸万能#傲慢で身勝手#美男子/キャスト:チャン・ドンユン

▷トン・ドンジュ #手先が器用#おかっぱ#歯に衣着せぬ/キャスト:キム・ソヒョン

▷ チャ・ユルム #朝鮮妖艶男#二重人格ギャップ男/キャスト:カン・テオ

▷ 光海 #神経質なボス#朝鮮最高権力欲/キャスト:チョン・ジュノ